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Domestic Medium Hair Cats: Origin And Characteristics Of The Breed

While people enjoy the company of cats for all kinds of reasons, few care about the breed of their pet. In fact, some pet owners assume that every cat is more or less the same. Of course, such a wild assumption is nowhere near the truth but Domestic Medium Hair, one of the most popular breeds of cats nowadays, is not exactly a breed itself.  Domestic Medium Hair cats are of mixed ancestry and that is why each cat in the breed possesses unique characteristics. So what do pet owners need to know before adopting a Domestic Medium Hair cat? 

In the case you have the same question in mind, this article could offer you some insights about the breed.  The followings contain everything that cat owners have to remember when it comes to the average Domestic Medium Hair cats. Generally speaking, since there is no specific mating pattern, the personality and build of cats in the breed often vary greatly from one to another. That being said, as long as you are a loving owner then you should have no trouble taking care of a Domestic Medium Hair cat.  

Origin Of The Breed: Overviews

From the name, pet owners guess that Domestic Medium Hair cats surely have something in common with Domestic Long Hair and Domestic Short Hair cats. Well, it's true that there is a subtle relation between Domestic breeds but Domestic Medium Hair is, in essence, the combination of many different cat breeds around the globe. Overall, Domestic Medium Hair cats have gone through generation and generation of mixed breeding to achieve their modern-day outlook. People run into them everywhere from shelters to feral colonies.

Notable Characteristics Of Cast In The Domestic Medium Hair Breed

Notable Characteristics Of Cast In The Domestic Medium Hair Breed

  • Thick, Double-Coat Fur

Domestic Medium Hair cats have a coat layout that is similar to dogs: an inner layer and an outer layer. Because all cats pay special attention to hygiene and groom themselves every day, cats that have thick coat tend to experience hairball issue and Domestic Medium Hair is no exception. In the case you decide to adopt a cat in the breed, assemble a regular grooming schedule to reduce hairballs, matted furs and so on. Normally, once a week is more than enough in most of the case but feel free to increase the grooming frequency as you see fit.

  • Variable Color, Build And Weight

Considering the fact that the ancestors of Domestic Medium Hair cats nowadays come from multiple breeds, it comes as no surprise that cats in the Domestic breed lack homogenous features. As a result, these fluffy pets come in a lot of colors, build and weight. In fact, there is a chance that 2 solid colored cats in the breed produce kittens that have different color combinations. In addition to that, a couple of Domestic Medium Hair cats weight at a mere 11 pound while other exceed 20 pounds. Therefore, the breed is unpredictable.

  • Affectionate And Forgiving Work With

Relatively new to cat parenting and want to adopt a pet that possesses good temperaments?  In that case, you would not experience too much difficulty after bringing a Domestic Medium Hair cat into the house. Sure, not every cat on the planet is the same but most cats in the Domestic breed tend to be docile, easy going and playful. 

That is why if you are a novice cat owner, it's a good idea to pick a Domestic Medium Hair cat as your first pet. As always, you need to meet the cat face-to-face in order to decide whether you two could truly get along or not.  

  • Fairly Long Lifespan On Average

The toughest challenge when it comes to raising pets is to accept the possibility that they are going to pass away sooner than you do.  As a result, the lifespan of cats in the breed is an important factor that pet owners take into account while adopting a new pet. Fortunately, assuming proper cares and safe surroundings, Domestic Medium Hair cats could live for 13 – 15 years. Compared to other breeds, Domestic cats have a long lifespan and through the assistance of vets, it's possible for you to extend it further.  

  • No Breed-Related Health Issues

The diversity of their gene pool guarantees that Domestic Medium Hair cats would not have to deal with any diseases related to the breed itself. That being said, common health issues in cats like hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, arthritis, upper respiratory infections and so on remain dangerous. Hence, it's widely advised that you take your cat to the vet once in a while for a comprehensive examination. The earlier you detect the underlying troubles, the more effective the treatment and the higher the chance of complete recovery.  

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Taking Care Of Domestic Cats: Tips And Tricks From Experts

Taking Care Of Domestic Cats

  • Look After Your Pet Gently

Regardless of the breed, the personalities and behaviors of a cat reflect the way that its human caretaker raises it

Be gentle and treat your Domestic cat affectingly in order to make it feel comfortable. 

  • Set Up A Interactive Schedule

Domestic Medium Hair kittens are playful, rambunctious and somewhat clingy but as time passes by, they would slowly mellow out.  Pet owners should spare times and effort to play with their pets to keep the cats sufficiently active and relaxed.

  • Maintain Sufficient Foods And Waters

Similar to other breeds, Domestic cats grow at a fast pace which is why they require a lot of calories. Think about the nutrient needs of your pet and prepare daily meals for it accordingly. 

  • Consider Getting An Insurance Package

In their life, cats must face a variety of illness and so it's a good idea to purchase an insurance package for your pet. With the insurance in hand, the hefty veterinarian expense should not give you a headache if something unexpected takes place. 

  • Keep An Eye On Them

Cats obviously could not talk to humans so it up to us pet owners to figure out what is going at the moment. Keep an eye on your pet in order to notice troubles as soon as possible and take care of them.

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