Seeing newborn kittens is something happy. But feline mothers do not want us to do. So, what the story is and how to stop the cat from moving kittens?


Normally, people raise cats in the home as a type of adorable pet. And they consider such animals as the domesticated species. However, according to experts in animals, we should not do that. Cats are not the domesticated ones at all.


stop cat from moving kittens

Like dogs, cats also perform their instincts naturally every day if you take time to observe carefully. They hide or bury the food you give. They knead the head. They hunt insects. They do the territory claiming or they mate as well. And hiding kittens is not out of their natural instincts for sure.

To keep feline babies safe from predators, hiding them is always the no.1 choice of cat mothers. Plus, being newborn, the kittens cannot see anything. Hence, protection from their mother is extremely in need. In the wildlife, for example, little newborn cats can absolutely be preys of eagles, tomcats and so more. Even as for pets in your home, it is totally possible for a big dog to kill kittens accidentally. These instances are just basic information helping you somehow understand the cat’s kitten hiding. In fact, there are so many other reasons to learn and find how to stop cat from moving kittens as much as you can.

Cat move kittens by what reasons?

As a creature which tends to be secretive and private, cats often move their kittens to a secured place after giving birth. In general, the cat does not feel comfortable with the spot where she has the kittens. For her, it is not safe for the feline babies and then needs to have another one.

So, what are unsecured places for the cat? It could be a room with many people and noises. Or a too much bright space is also not a liking of the cat. All of these things may be normal for human being. But they can cause the cat and kittens stressed for sure.

With the purpose of avoiding such places, she will move kittens to the private such as under the bed and behind the wardrobe. After claiming the new territory, she will protect kittens and may move them again in case of feeling uncomfortable and stressed.

How to stop cat from moving kittens

One of the most common causes of why the cat moves kittens is the human being. As raising cats, people tend to place the cat box in the living room. That is just ok until the kittens are born. Of not understanding much about such feline animals, many people immediately try to socialize them right after birth. The access annoys them, honestly. Then the mother cat feels the need for a new refuge.

However, some cats do not hide their babies. It is because at first when they give birth, they feel comfortable with both their place and space surrounding. In short, if there is no serious problem, let’s keep away from their family.

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Because moving kittens is a part of the cat natural instincts, you cannot prevent it entirely. Instead of finding ways to stop, let’s understand your feline friends more and do something to limit their hiding.

Preparing good places

When a cat gives birth, she does not need your help to take care of her babies. Your access just causes her anxiousness and no more. From the very first days after birth, you should be patient, do not disturb them. The only thing needed to do is leave the cat family a quiet place which is free from any interruption. If you do not, children or even animals like dogs may irritate.

The preparation does not end up with the place. Food and water are also essential. Kittens will drink milk from mom. But the mom needs to get nutrition. Proper meals had better be available daily along with fresh water. Plus, do not forget to take a look at the cat mother gently to make sure that she is not in the mood of insecure.

Due to the weak resistance of kittens, it is a must to keep them in a separate quite warm room in the house without any chilling. The most ideal way is to have a big box or bed which is large enough for the cat and kittens to get in. Then, you put some layers of clean blankets on and remove each of them after the cat defecation. If the mother cat and you have a longtime companion, your visit may be welcome. But it should not be frequent.

Being patient

The second answer for the wondering that how to stop cat from moving kittens is to be patient. There is no doubt that the newborn kitten is so adorable that anyone loves cuddling them all day. Unfortunately, for both mother cats and kittens, that is not a way to give love. It is a way of causing them the insecure instead. Here is the reason why the cat keeps moving her babies.

Controlling your love for cats will be the best solution in this sensitive period of time. The temptation ought not to last too long unless you want the cat to move her kittens again. Actually, she hates the attention because she thinks that you or any other can bring her babies away.

By experienced pet parents, a triple of months is a suitable time to wait before you can handle these cutest friends. It means that till when the kittens can open their eyes, no one should come and tough their little new family.

Which the cat moves her kittens is not a symptom of the medical problem. It is just an instinct that she wants to protect her babies. You do not need to find how to stop cat from moving kittens. Keeping them in a private space and appropriate daily diet without interruption is enough.

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      • Sheryl
        Created on: September 26, 2019

        I found stray kittens outside my back porch terrified they look to be 3 weeks old after feeding them and giving them a proper bedding the mama finally returned A-day later I went out to feed the mama as usual did not realize she was feeding her kittens and 1 by 1 she started moving them shortly after into a big bush then we had a hurricane I tried to save then which I was able to save to then it’s morning she took them both and I found one more that look a little sick around the eye and I save that 1 and later on she took that 1 into a big bush Which is across from my back porch and now she has them all later I saw a reckoning trying to eat the things that I usually put out the her so I got a bunch of peppers with hot water and sprayed it around the back porch and around where the kitties in the mama cat was since the momma cat was not around as I was walking away the momma cat hopped the fence from the neighbors and was watching me I really don’t want her to move the kittens again and I hope that she’ll bring him back to the back porch and I hope that I didn’t make her move or kittens as all I want to do is help them do you think will she move them back if I leave them alone or do you think she will move them again. Or leave more behind in diff locations and she now knows I saw them in the Bush, help?

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