Despite being close to cats, there is still difficulty in knowing exactly how to tell your cat is playing or fighting with you. Now, it is time to get some changes.


For as the life of cats, playtimes have an essential role which is beneficial nearly at most. When observing cats in the wild, you will see the reason for such importance. Each cat, normally, spends about 16 hours of sleep every day. Then waking up, they get the exercise for the release of anxiety, relief of boredom or good feeling from playing.

How to tell if your cat is playing or fighting with you

At each stage of the lifetime, ways in the playtime of cats are not definitely the same. However, their playing desire almost remains as they get older. If there are more than one cats in your house, it will be good to build a good relationship among them. These littermates can play together, get instinctive development, learn how to stalk, chase and pound. Plus, the body language, as well as communication skill combination, become better as well.

In other words, the story turns to a different side for sure. Are you like many other pet parents to keep wondering how to tell if your cat is playing or fighting with you? Is this differentiation of the playtime between you and the cat similar to the one among cats?

How stressful could pet parents be to see a fun playtime with cats turning into the fighting? No one wants to face the fighting with adorable pets. But, don’t worry, let’s see what sighs are and by what way we can solve the problem.

Finding the thing from body language and sound

One of the most effective ways of determining is to observe. By taking a look at how the cats' act and the sound made, you can get the answer whether they are fighting with you or not. Just a fleeting action is enough for the conjecture and then the intervening will be in need.

Sometimes they hiss, sometimes they growl

Normally, it is a companion of vocalizations when there is fighting between your cats and you. Some meow is definitely not a strange thing at all. However, the hiss or growl or both of them at the same time will need attention. Such repetition points out that the cat playtime is no longer funny.

Cat’s ear and head are not on the same side, they are against each other

It does not matter who the cat is fighting with, other cats or even you, he tends to position his eye back. The reason for this reaction is to save himself from any injury. Here could be a self-defense sign.

They use claws

If the cat is in a great playtime, he will never let his claws actively in use. For cats, they do not reveal and retract their claws instead in a playful mood. Otherwise, these claws become perfect weapons for their battles against enemies. Hence, playing with little feline friends and you see that they are showing their claws, the fighting may begin.

They bite you stronger than normal

Being a cat lover who is close to these adorable pets, you may feel exactly of cat behaviors by their bites. It is not challenging to differentiate between a love bite and a fighting one. When the bite causes you much pain or even a little bit, please be careful since the fighting is turning to another serious level.

They puff the hair up

Such a case is not because there is static electricity arising or a slight wind passing. It means that the cat is in a conflict situation for sure.

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How to prevent

In general, learning how to tell if your cat is playing or fighting with you is not difficult. As confirming that the cat is in the fight, taking action to prevent plays an important role before there is someone getting hurts.

Most of the pet parents believe that cats are the animal that owns strong territorial instincts. In spite of living with human beings, getting nutritious food and living in warm rooms, they still keep the survival likelihood of the wild.

Easily thinking that the appearance of a new feline member in your home is enough to annoy your current cats. Such discomfort may cause them to fight with you. Some cats often fear to be close to other ones. If they have to, more stress will come along with tons of psychological problems later on. So, first of all, you had better try to make cats with peaceful cohabitation.


If there is one more cat in your home, let’s think about the socialization. But not every cat is socialized since they were kittens. As for such cases, the process can wait till they grow. In spite of difficulties ahead, it is not impossible. Your training will take time. Day by day, you let cats know each other, but with your supervision.

 your cat is playing or fighting with you

That is the case with other cats. For you, how can you stop catfighting with? Whenever you are at home, you should spend more time with them, holding and stroking gently. Sometimes, you can try to give cats new toys that they love to have. And remember all the time that prepare a comfortable place with adequate food as well as other supplies.


You should never end up fighting with cats by putting hands on them. It can cause some injuries to their bodies. Moreover, picking up is too. Despite doing as gently as you can, you still get pains by angry cats.

So, the article is all information on how to tell if your cat is playing or fighting with you. After all, you cannot avoid cases in which your cats have to face psychological issues. If you understand them, determining and solving does not matter at all. And it is important that after any conflicts between your cats with other cats or even with you, do not forget to check if there is an injury to have proper treatment for them.

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