Dogs chase cats all the times but what if it's the other way around? Take a close look at this article if you notice your kitten attacking dog.


Kitten Attacking Dog

Generally speaking, cats and dogs have a reputation for being intense rivals that get into fights at every single opportunity. Considering the difference in strength, people often assume that the canines would initiate the fights by lunging toward the felines. That being said, on several occasions, the opposite may happen. Reports of kitten attacking dog reach pet trainers from time to time which leads to lots of discussions as well as debates about the behavior. Without proper intervention, it's just a matter of time before the pets get hurt.


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Aggression Triggers: A Few Suspects

Kitten Attacking Dog

Overall, cats frequently do as they please without requiring a clear reason but you ever see your kitten attacking dog, there must be a motive. Here are some possibilities that you have to keep in mind while assessing the situation.


  • Fear

It's common knowledge among cat parents that virtually everything could scare the felines: sounds, images, smells and so on. Usually, once a cat is completely overwhelmed with fear, it's going to pick between two options: fight and flight.  Most of the time, cats prefer to run away from dangers instead of making a stand, especially if the dangers happen to be dogs. Nonetheless, in the case escape is not viable, it's highly likely that the felines would attack first in order to get the upper hand.


  • Instinct

Despite the fact that cats have abandoned many traits of their wild ancestors through the domestication process, they remain predators. Because of that, it's natural for your furball to practice hunting even when food supply is not a problem. Once the prey drive kicks in, the felines shall proceed to pounce on all kinds of "targets" including the canines. A lot of cats love to get their paws on the wiggly tail of dogs. Fortunately, as your kitten grows wiser over time, it should realize that it's best to avoid messing with something as big as a dog.


  • Possessiveness

Though close-knitted pets may be willing to share essential resources with each other, cats normally don't like to see dogs snooping around their litter box, feeding bowl, nest,... Therefore, if you notice your kitten attacking dog all, the reason could be that the canine inadvertently gets way too close to stuff that the feline considers its indisputable properties. That is why it's strongly recommended that pet owners prepare separate spaces for cats and dogs to prevent conflicts. For your information, dogs also get quite upsets if cats decide to approach their belongings. 


  • Character

Different cats have different personalities so while some adopt a rather cautious attitude in daily life, others boldly take on new things without having reservations. On occasions, brave cats actively play rough with dogs which look like fights between pets. However, it's worth noting that play fights would develop into actual fights within moments if one of the pets happens to cross the line. That is why it's vital for people to ensure that the felines and the canines know how to play with each other before putting them into the same space.


  • Mood

Overall, the mood of cats swings back and forth repeatedly. When the felines want to be left alone, they shall show it through certain movements so people could pick up. Unfortunately, the canines don't read body langue well so they push the patience of your kitten to the limit. Needless to say, when moody cats get fed up with boisterous dogs, aggression takes place. Of course, the felines still opt to run in most cases but sometimes, the felines just resort to swipes and bites in order to get the canines to go away.         

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Putting An End To The Attacks: Recommendations For Pet Owners

Kitten Attacking Dog

  • Set Up Spaces For Cats: As mentioned above, cats would attack once cornered so it's a good idea that you prepare escape routes for your friend in the house. Cat trees, pet gates, wall, perches and so on should permit the felines to retreat instead of attacking the canines. In addition to that, until cats and dogs learn to get along with each other, it's widely advised that pet owners keep them separated. For most of the time, separation could be the best solution available to kitten aggression.


  • Proper Introduction Is The Key: Shoving cats into the same room with dogs all of a sudden is considered to be a formula for disaster. If you don't want to have to break up fights between the pets day after day, you need to focus on the introduction process. Usually, allow the felines and the canines to learn about each other through their scents. Next, arrange short meetings to see how the pets interact. Assuming that your kitten, as well as puppy, play nice, they shall at least tolerate the presence of the other.


  • Invest In Some Interactive Toys: Most cats tend to be raised as indoor pets these kinds of days which leave them few chances to exercises. Without an outlet to release their pent-up energy, the felines may go bonkers like attacking the much bigger canines. But by giving your kitten toys, you should be able to keep its mind busy. When it tires itself else out, your furball would find a place to sleep and peace come to the house.


A Trip To The Vet Is Always A Safe Bet

Kitten Attacking Dog

If the aggression from your kitten reaches an extreme level, it's a good idea to require assistance from veterinarians. Occasionally, cats may get aggressive because of underlying health issues that make them feel uncomfortable. Hence, by paying a visit to local veterinary clinics, you could check if your fluffy friend is in good health. Moreover, vets would offer advice about the behaviors of cats as well as suitable corrections.

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