So you notice your kitten standing on hind legs and wonder why it keeps doing that? If that happens to be the case, this article is for you.


Kitten Standing On Hind Legs

Virtually every cat parents agree that kitten standing on hind legs is one of the cutest sights in the world. That being said, few understand why the felines elect to carry out that particular behavior. As the pets move, play and hunt on all fours, many people wonder what makes their kittens decide to mimic meerkats out of the blue. Well, while the average cats may go completely bonkers from time to time, they tend to have valid reasons to stand on their hind legs.


So you want to know what motivates your furball to sometimes move from on all fours to on all twos? If that is so, you come to the right place. Down below, you shall find everything that you need to remember if you see your kitten standing on hind legs.


Why The Felines Do That

Kitten Standing On Hind Legs

Generally speaking, a kitten would stand on its hind legs:


  • To Turn Away Potential Adversaries

If you have witnessed a couple of cat fights then you should notice that the felines often attempt to perch up on the back legs. Kittens do that in order to make themselves as big as possible in the eyes of their opponents, a popular survival tactic in the wild. For your information, such a tactic is also recommended for hikers that run into bears. So sure, cats look adorable standing on the hind legs but a lot of cats use it to send out a message: "You don't want to mess with me".


  • To Ask For More Petting

Being affectionate creatures, cats love attention which makes them hang around the primary source of that in the house: humans. After a good long session of ankle brushing, your fluffy friend may come straight to you for some head patting. That is why if you see your kitten standing on hind legs right beside you, it's asking for affection. Needless to say, pet owners around the globe have no way to resist the urge to pet their cats once the felines act like that.


  • To Beg For Some Treats

Practically every kitty love to receive treats from their owner. In fact, the felines love treats so much that they would come running if people let them hear the sound of treat bags being opened. Responsible cat parents only give a few treats to their kittens at a time so guess what the pets do in order to get more. Yup, your furball is going to stand on its hind legs while meowing for treats.  But if you want to be a conscientious pet owner, it's essential that you don't give in as too many treats put cats at risk of obesity, diabetes,...


  • To Tell Others It's A Bona Fide Munchkin Cat

In case you don't know, Munchkin cats happen to have a rather low center of gravity compared to other breeds of cats due to their noticeably short, stumpy legs. Because of that, cats of the Munchkin breed experience an easy time standing on their hind legs, especially when something interesting comes into their view. That particular trait earns the Munchkin the nickname "bunny cats" from people since these cats look similar to the hares. Fortunately, notwithstanding the length of the legs, Munchkin cats have a clean bill of health.


  • To Compensate For Body Deformities

If you happen to be an avid cat lover then you may know a bit about Roo and Roux, cats born with deformed front paws. As these kitties lack the ability to move on all fours like normal felines, they rely on their hind legs in order to get around. Needless to say, due to the dependence of "special need" cats on their hind legs, it's common to see them standing up like kangaroos.  On a side note, while such cats tend to have limited mobility, they could still live a pretty healthy life.


Top 3 Frequently Asked Question About Kitten Standing On Hind Legs

Kitten Standing On Hind Legs

  • Is it possible for people to train cats to stand up on their hind legs?

Technically, you would be able to train your furball to stand up on its hind legs (also known as "beg"). All you need to do is to dangle the favorite treat of the pet right on top of its head. Once your kitten gets on all twos, promptly give it the treat as a reward. Go over the process repeatedly until the feline stands up around you without the treat. Similar to other cat training, you have to be patient to obtain the desired result. At all times, remember: Cats learn through encouragements, not punishments.      


  • Would cats experience issues after standing on their hind legs for extended periods of time?

Sure, cats could stand on all twos at times if necessary but they often subject their hip to a lot of stress while doing that. Because of that, if the felines have to get up on their hind legs for prolonged periods then injuries to the pelvis may take place. So to avoid hurting your fluffy friend by mistake, don't abuse the beg command too much in a day.  If you truly enjoy seeing the bunny imitation of your kitten, get it scratch posts, cat trees and so on.


  • It seems like my kitten is a special-need cat, what should I do now?

First and foremost, you should consider taking your cat to the vet for an examination. Veterinarians would check the pet to see the extent of the deformity and offer a few pieces of advice on how to look after it. As mentioned above, cats with deformed paws don't have to live a constricted life. Assuming that you implement a couple of precautions, your fluffy friend shall thrive without fail.

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Wheelchairs: Excellent Choices For Handicapped Kittens These Kinds Of Days

Kitten Standing On Hind Legs

Though cats with deformed front paws may be able to move with certain difficulty, they still run into some hardships. That is why you must consider getting a wheelchair for your furball in order to accommodate its barely functional limbs. Depending on the situation, you could make one by yourself but if you lack the know-how, check commercial products.

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