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Lion Cut For Cats

In order to adapt to changing weathers, cats shed before the arrival of summer to get rid of excessive hairs. For most of the time, people could facilitate the shedding process by brushing their fluffy friend every now and then. That being said, in a couple of case, it's probably best to do away with the hair and give the cat a lion cut. Overall, lion cut is a great choice for pets that experience knotted furs and mats. Yet it goes without saying that there are advantages and disadvantages in everything including haircuts. Searching the phrase "lion cut for cat: pros and cons" online would return numerous results but in most of the case, the information is disorganized and could cause some confusions.

Want to know what people talk about "lion cut for cat: pros and cons" but don't have the time to check every opinion and argument? If that happens to be the case, this article got something that you could use. Down below, you should find pretty much all essential details about the positives and negatives of lion cut for cat. As long as you firmly grasp the characteristics of lion cut, you could decide whether or not your cat could benefit from the grooming method.

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The Origin Of The Name

It's highly likely that you more or less know why lion cut earns its name: Once finished, your cat would look like a lion. There are several variants but on average, lion cut leaves the cat with very short furs excluding the face as well as the neck. Considering the fact that most cats are far from mellow pets, lion cut should be performed by people that know exactly what they are doing. In the case you have a lot of confidence in your shaving skill, you could try to give your cat a lion cat by yourself. As always, pay attention since it's fairly difficult to handle cats that are overly energetic.

Cat Reactions To Lion Cut

Cat Reactions To Lion Cut

Different cats respond differently once they come to realize that most of their body hair is no longer with them. Generally speaking, the pets would need some time to get used to the new look and the way it feels but everything should be fine. The average cats tend to run away as soon as the grooming is complete so use treats to lure them out.  In any case, pay attention to your pet in order to detect and promptly stop odd behaviors such as excessive licking of near hairless areas. Consider taking the cats to veterinary clinics if they develop severe anxiety or skin problems.

The Time It Take For The Hair To Grow Back

Regarding the "lion cut for cat: pros and cons" topic, first-time pet owners often wonder how long does it take for a lion cut cat to regain its coat. For most of the time, it should take a short fur cat 3 months or so to grow its hairs back after receiving a lion cut. In the case of a long fur cat, the time could reach up to 6 months, not to mention patchy growing patterns that must be eliminated. It's widely advised that you give your cat another cut or two in order to preserve the aesthetic aspect of your cat fluffy coat. If you really don't mind your cat having a slightly patchy coat, just allow the fur to grown naturally.

Must Know Upsides And Downsides Of Lion Cut For Cats

Lion Cut For Cats

Advantages Of Lion Cut

Let The Cat Stay Cool

You don't have to be an expert to figure out that the less fur a cat possesses, the cooler it feels in warm climates.

So when it comes to "lion cut for cat: pros and cons", everyone knows that the most obvious benefit is that cats could stay cool.

Reduce The Risk Of Hairball

As cats shed their fur, they might accidentally ingest furs which cause multiple issues ranging from vomiting to bowel obstruction. Therefore, by giving your pet a lion cut, you would be able to minimize the danger of hairball in general.

No More Knotted/Matted Furs

Both knotted and matted furs cause a great deal a trouble for your fluffy friend. By having the coat closely clipped, your cat would not have to suffer from tangled hairs and associated skin issues.

Decrease The Overall Grooming Time

The usual cats take care of their own grooming but some nonetheless require human assistance. As a result, a lion cut is all you need to simplify the grooming of your cats and free up some time for other tasks.

Take Care Of The Tumbleweeds

Cats that are shedding give their owner multiple troubles due to the fact that the hairs reach virtually every nook and cranny of the house. But with a lion cut, the shedding hairs would no longer give you a hard time while cleaning the place.

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Disadvantages Of Lion Cut

The Vulnerability To Sunburn Increase

It's a no-brainer to deduce that with clipped coats, cats are vulnerable to ultraviolet rays from the sun. Deprived of the dense furs, the skins of your pet might experience sunburn if he/she is exposed to the sun for a long time.

Skin Protection Is Barely Adequate

As the density of its coat reduces, the skin of your cat could sustain injuries like grazes and cuts in a blink of an eye. It's less than an issue for indoor cats but outdoor cats would have a rather hard time dealing with various elements in the outside.

Certain Illness Would Get Worse

Cats that have chronic diseases should not receive a lion cut unless the owners get a go-ahead from vets. As the lion cut affects the thermoregulation of cats, it could cause issues depending on the health of the pet.

Some Cats Hate Being Shaved

In most of the case, cats dislike having their fur clipped but some of them happen to outright hate it. That means several pets need to be sedated before they could receive a lion cut. 

The Expense Is Quite Considerable

As mentioned above, you could shave your cat on your own but If you have to rely on professionals, the grooming expense is pretty high. Each session could cost you between $80 and $120 so take your own financial capability into account.

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