"My cat licked Profender!!! Is it going to get sick?". In the case that is your current worry, you need to take a good look at this article.


My Cat Licked Profender

When you suspect that your fluffy friend is suffering from worms, you need to deworm it as soon as possible. Among the deworm medications available for felines nowadays, Profender is among the most popular ones. Being a topical solution, Profender is applied to the skin of the pets which earn a lot of praises from people that own finicky cats.  "But what if my cat licked Profender?" some pet owners ask themselves. As cats obviously like to groom themselves every day, they might consume Profender by mistake so would it cause health issues if ingested?

Worry that your furball could be in deep trouble after licking Profender off its skin? If that happens to be the case, you have come to the right place. Down below, you would find everything you have to know about Profender including what may happen if cats accidentally taste it.

Profender: What Is It Anyway

My Cat Licked Profender

To put it plainly, Profender is a topical solution designed to eliminate hookworms, tapeworms, roundworms and so on in cats.  Once applied to the skin, it rapidly enters the bloodstream and moves toward the intestines. After it gets there, Profender is going to take care of all the parasites present. As it's a prescription medicine, you have to obtain clearance from the vets before using Profender on your furball. Usually, it takes one dose to finish the parasites but if another dose is necessary, wait for 30 days between treatments.

Cat Ingesting Profender: No Problem

My Cat Licked Profender

Needless to say, if cats feel something odd on their skin as well as fur, they shall resort to grooming to relieve the strange sensation. That is why Bayer, the manufacturer of Profender, make sure that the felines would not experience significant troubles after ingesting small amounts of the solution. So regarding the subject of "my cat licked Profender", it's safe to say that people have nothing to worry about in most cases. The pets should carry on their daily activities as usual.

Note: Though Profender rarely leads to health issues in cats if orally ingested, it's of utmost importance that people keep watch over the pets. If you notice tremor, drowsiness, salivation,..., take your cat to nearby veterinary clinics at once.

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Other Things You Must Keep In Mind About The Solution

My Cat Licked Profender

‘It's great to know that nothing happens if my cat licked Profender but is there anything else I need to know about the solution?". Well, Profender is simple to use and excels at killing worms but to be on the safe side, you have to remember the following things.

  • Cats That Could Accept Profender

Overall, as long as your cat is older than 8 weeks and weighs more 2.2 pounds, it would be able to take the solution without much difficulty. That being said, it's worth noting that the safe use of the solution in breeding, pregnant and lactating cats have not been decided. Therefore, as a precaution, consult with the vets in advance about the state of your furball before giving the pet Profender. In addition, cats that have a history of allergic reactions with emodepside and praziquantel need to use other deworm medications.  

  • Proper Application Of The Solution

Generally speaking, the solution is applied to the skin but you should avoid broken skin as well as wet fur. Additionally, in order to avoid the scenario of "my cat licked Profender", you need to apply it at the back of the neck. Use one hand to split the coat of your fluffy friend while squeezing the content of the tube on to the skin with the other hand. On occasions, you could spot powdery residues around the treatment site but that is only temporary so don't worry.

  • Side Effects That May Occur

Like many other medications, Profender carries its own set of side effects like lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea, irritation, agitation and alike. Most of the time, the side effects shall disappear after a short time but if they persist, promptly get in touch with the vets. Different cats have different constitutions so the length and the severity of the side effects vary from case to case. As a result, it's strongly recommended that you keep an eye on your pet after it receives the solution to quickly detect suspicious signs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Profender

My Cat Licked Profender

  • Is it possible to apply Profender with my bare hands?

Overall, it's widely advised that you always wear a pair of gloves while applying the solution to your cat. Profender is known for causing irritation in the eye as well as the skin of humans so you must be careful. Moreover, emodepside (one of the main ingredients of the solution) may interfere with fetal developments which means pregnant women should refrain from handling Profender directly. Keep the solution away from the reach of children since Profender might cause considerable health issues if ingested by humans.

  • Would other medicines influence the effect of Profender in cats?

In case your fluffy friend is currently on medication to treat ticks, mites and so on, talk with the vets to deduce of using Profender is a good idea. Depending on the circumstances, it might be necessary for you to temporarily postpone the deworming until other treatments finish first. In most of the cases, giving cats multiple medicines at once without firmly grasp the final outcome is too dangerous. When it comes to the health of cats and the use of prescription medications, cat parents must be extremely careful.

  • How could I pick the right dose for my cat?

These kinds of days, Profender is primarily available in 3 common types of tubes: small (0.35 mL), medium (0.70 mL), and large (1.12 mL).  To decide which dose is good for your furball, use its body weight as reference.

  • Small: For cats from 2.2 to 5.5 pounds
  • Medium: For cats from 5.5 to 11 pounds
  • Large: For cats from 11 to 17.6 pounds

In the case your cat happens to weigh more than 17.6 pounds, you have to use a combination of doses in order to get rid of the worms. Needless to say, you need to measure the dose correctly to have the desired results.

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