You are searching around for a raw cat food recipe (no grinder) but have no luck yet? In that case, this article got something that you could use.

You are searching around for a raw cat food recipe (no grinder) but have no luck yet? In that case, this article got something that you could use.


Raw Cat Food Recipe


When it comes to feeding raw foods to their cats, people often prefer a ground diet as it's straightforward, convenient and comparatively less messy. Nonetheless, your fluffy friend would likely experience dental as well as digestive troubles if you let grounded foods form the staple diet of him/her. In order to keep your pet in good shape, it's strongly recommended that you give it whole raw foods instead of thoroughly grounded ones. "But I don't know a single raw cat food recipe (no grinder), how could I do that?" you wonder. Well, if that happens to be your main concern, you come to the right place.


Down below, you would be introduced to the benefits of whole raw foods and a couple of suggestion regarding raw cat food recipe (no grinder). Generally speaking, it should not take too much time and effort to prepare meals that consist of whole raw foods. For most of the time, you only have to spend a few moments in the kitchen to get everything ready. In addition to that, there is no need to invest in a grinder as with ground diets so you could save money for other uses. So put what you learn from this article into practice and you would be able to increase the quality of your cat diet without fail.


Whole Raw Cat Food Diet: Why It Is The Best

Raw Cat Food Recipe (No Grinder)

  • Get The Teeth In Motion

Once your cat doesn't have any chance to put its teeth to work, it's highly likely that he/she would lose them soon. At all times, remember that the teeth in your pet's mouth are designed by nature to slice and cut. Therefore, if all you feed your pet is mushy piles of goop, the teeth could end up getting loosed and then have to be extracted. In order to avoid such a predicament, you must make sure to give your cat something that it needs to chew and gnaw before swallowing.


  • Let The Digestion Occur Properly

A couple of pet owner claim that grounded foods in general ease digestion and give the cat belly a rest. Actually, a ground diet encourages quick consumptions and in the long term, the digestive system would suffer greatly from that. Because the pet feels that there is no real need to process anything, it could simply gobble down the food. As a result, the gastric juices would never have the opportunity to kick in completely and issues like vomiting, diarrhea and so on might appear. In the case of whole raw food, cats have to consume everything piece by piece which permits the digestive system to work with relative ease.


  • Reduce The Dental Cleaning Need

Overall, plaque and tartar build-ups are pretty much unavoidable no matter what kind of food you feed your cat.

Hence, once in a while, pet owners should take their cats to the vet in order to receive dental cleaning. That being said, if you give your fluffy friend grounded foods every day, its oral hygiene would worsen in a rather short period of time. On the other hand, if you provide your cat with a whole raw food diet, the flossing movements caused by the consumptions of meat/bone should keep the teeth cleaned. Thanks to that, you don't need to send your cat in for dental cleaning too frequently which is stressful. 


What To Do If You Cat Already Lost Some Teeth


In the case your cat no longer got all of his/her teeth, there is nothing you can do but proceed with a ground diet. Nonetheless, cats that lost some teeth could still able to deal with fairly large chunks of meat without much difficulty. So if possible, experiment with half ground - half whole diet and then wait to see the way things turn out. Depending on the responses of your pet, you should be to adjust the proportion of grounded/whole raw foods in each of the daily meals. 


Recipes For Whole Raw Cat Food Diet: Tips And Tricks

Recipes For Whole Raw Cat Food Diet


About raw cat food recipe (no grinder), there are a wide variety of options available for pet owners to choose.

The followings are some of the most common formulas that the average cats would accept.


  • Meat, Organs And Edible Bones

In the case you only own one or two cats and also have plenty of time to spare, this is the best recipe for you.  Simply cut a bit of everything into appropriate sizes and give them to your cat. As always, check out the reaction of your cat in order to decide whether the composition should change or not. Generally speaking, different cats have different tastes so be flexible and apply adjustments whenever you feel that you have to.  To avoid taurine deficiency, which is common in homemade foods, you could throw in 250 mg Taurine tablets just in case.


  • PMR Diet (Prey Model Raw)

When it comes to raw cat food recipe (no grinder), the PMR diet is easily one the least acceptable ones.  As the name suggests, the method includes preparing and serving your cat its preys in the wild such as mice, squirrel, chicks and many others. In most of the case, pet owners tend to feel that it's emotionally difficult to store/handle dead animals. Aside from that, household cats that are usually fed with canned products often have trouble accepting the preys as foods. However, once you along with your cat overcome the mentioned challenges, the PMR diet should prove to be the most efficient method of raw feeding.


  • Supplement Infusion (Vitamin D, Vitamin E,…)

Normally, you don't have worry too much about supplements if you intend to feed your cat whole raw food.

But if your cat got certain health troubles, it's widely advised that you infuse the foods with necessary supplements. Whisk up a supplement slurry using egg yolks and waters then proceed to mix the whole raw foods within it.  For most of the time, the mixture should be able to give the body system your cat everything it requires in order to function properly.


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