Is it wise for you to show your furball its deceased sibling? Read this article to answer the question of "should I show my cat his dead brother".


Should I Show My Cat His Dead Brother

It comes without saying that losing a cat is indeed a painful experience to most pet owners but what about other cats in the house? While it seems that they have a carefree attitude, the felines still remain susceptible to grief just like ordinary humans. Hence, cats would mourn the passing of a fellow pet, especially if the deceased pet happens to be their sibling. Because of that, there are a lot of discussions and debates among cat parents regarding the best answer to the question of "should I show my cat his dead brother".

So you find it hard to break the news to your fluffy friend but also want to give it closure? If that is so, you must take a close look at the information down below.

The Strong Bond Between Littermates

Should I Show My Cat His Dead Brother

Cats like to stick to familiar faces and daily routines which means the presence of their dear sibling play a critical role in their life.

From playing to exploring, sibling cats do all sorts of things side by side so it's natural that your furball finds the loss of its brother hard to accept. As it's highly likely that you raise your cats as indoor pets, the world the felines perceive consists solely of themselves, the interior of the house and some humans. Because of that, if a cat dies, the one left behind inevitably faces a large hole in its social cycle. Overall, different cats have different ways to cope with the death of sibling but usually, it takes time for things to come back to normal.

"So I guess it's unwise to show cats their dead littermates?" you ask yourselves. Well, your cat definitely feels sad after seeing the lifeless body of its sibling but what if you actually decide to hide everything from it?   

Do Cats Notice If Another Cats Is Currently Dying: Yes

Should I Show My Cat His Dead Brother

Obviously, the average household cats fall behind actual vets regarding the ability to detect illness. That being said, it's possible for close-knit cats to notice if their fellow pets are about to die. In fact, most pet owners could tell if a cat is approaching the end of its life base on observation. Therefore, it's not hard for your fluffy friend to see that its brother is withering away as time passes. Trips to the vets should further reinforce the belief of your cat that something wrong has happened to its brother.

One day, you return from the veterinary clinic empty-handed. At that point, it's only a matter of time before your cat concludes that its brother is no longer in this world. So no matter how people answer the question of "should I show my cat his dead brother", the pets would eventually realize the passing of their sibling.

Why A Viewing May Help

Should I Show My Cat His Dead Brother

As mentioned above, people nowadays have a variety of conflicting opinions about showing pets the body of their dead brother. Some argue that it like bring a newborn baby to a funeral in order to see the face of a deceased relative one last time. On the other hand, several pet owners claim through firsthand accounts that with a viewing, the felines shall come to terms with what has transpired. Therefore, in case you truly want to save your cat from the agony of uncertainty, allow it to see his dear brother before burial.

Note: If you elect to bury your pet in the backyard of your house, it's a good idea for you to permit viewing.  People report that on occasions, cats manage to locate well-camouflaged graves of their sibling and dig up the body. Needless to say, no pet owner wants to bury their cat twice so be thorough.  

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Notable Signs Of Grieving Cats

Should I Show My Cat His Dead Brother

After learning how to answer the question of "should I show my cat his dead brother", the only thing left that you must know is how to detect grieving cats. Overall, while facing face the dead of littermates, cats experience substantial changes in daily behaviors as well as usual moods. It's essential that pet owners grasp the signs of grieving cats to act appropriately. 

  • Hiding

    Once they know about the passing of their brother, a lot of cats find peace in solitude so people should refrain from disturbing them. The felines need to be left alone for some time.
  • Vocalizations (Mewling, Growling, And So On)

    Like humans, cats turn to their voices to express their feeling on multiple occasions. It seems a bit noisy but you have to understand that your cat just lost its brother which is irreplaceable.
  • Loss Of Appetite

    When someone we care about passes away, we don't feel inclined to eat and the same also applies to most cats.

How To Help Grieving Cats

Should I Show My Cat His Dead Brother

Similar to the question of "should I show my cat his dead brother", there are also various ideas about proper ways to comfort grieving cats. Here are a couple of popular options among cat parents that you need to consider.

  • Hand Out More Treats, Toys,...

    When it comes to soothing cats after stressful events, treats and toys truly work miracles. In addition to that, it's strongly recommended that you show your furball extra affection but obviously, keep things moderate.
  • Remain Calm At All Times

    Losing a brother inevitably places a lot of strain on the mind of cats which might make them erratic. In that particular situation, it's of utmost importance that pet owners keep themselves together. Sure, the loss of a pet is agonizing indeed but it's ill-advised to snap on the remaining cat. Venting your frustration on a cat not only destroys the owner-pet bond but also sends it into deep depressions.
  • Contact The Vets For Advice

    The health of your fluffy friend seems to be deteriorating? If that happens to be the case, it's time to get help from professionals. Get in touch with the local vets to see if there is a way to make your cat feel better.

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