It's common to see cats acting as if they are rabbits on the beds. But why do cats burrow under blankets anyway? Read this article to find out.


Why Do Cats Burrow Under Blankets

Once in a while, it's nice to see your fluffy friend curling up under the blankets in your bedroom. Most of the time, such a sight seems absolutely adorable in the eyes of pet owners around the globe. That being said, things might get a wee bit annoying if the pets repeatedly dig through the fabrics like there are treasures hidden in there. Why do cats burrow under blankets while they already have excellent beds of their own? What about the risk of oxygen deprivation to your cat? Is it possible for people to tell the pets to stay away from the blanket?

Want to stop your cat from messing up your blankets? In that case, you have come to the right place. The following information contains everything you must know about cat burrowing from cause to solutions.

Burrowing: A Couple Of Explanations

Why Do Cats Burrow Under Blankets

Considering the nature of the felines, it's no surprise that your pet gets into odd corners now and then. However, if cats express special interests in burrowing under blankets, here are several common reasons.

  • Warmth

Cats are sensitive to changes in temperature so they always keep an eye out for warm locations in the surrounding. Naturally, the blankets in the bedroom secure the top spots because in addition to the fabric, a dependable heater is present nearby as well: You. Therefore, by burrowing under blankets, your pet could obtain sufficient warmth without too much effort. Actually, it's safe to say that warmth is the most likely answer to the question of "why do cats burrow under blankets?", especially if the weather in your place is getting a bit chilly.

  • Security

Regardless of what may happen in the vicinity, cats treat its safety as among the top priorities beside foods, drinks,... Take a quick guess who come in up in the mind of your furball in term of strength: You, again. To the felines, sleeping close to humans is in all respects the best way to make sure that no harm would ever come to them. People spend a good deal of the day on the bed so many pets assume it's a good idea to wait under the blankets. They have no idea that we have to redo the bed over and over again because of their erroneous expectations. 

  • Appreciation

Although cats occasionally behave like jerks, they do notice your effort to keep them happy: filling the feeding bowl, replacing the litter box and alike. Hence, the pets shall show you affection her and thereby snuggling up to you. After a long day at work, it's indeed pleasant to watch your fluffy friend burrowing under blankets toward you while lying on the bed. Once your pet reaches you, it's going to purr, knead,... in order to tell you that you play a critical role in its world.

  • Game

Needless to say, cats just love to play games with humans but sometimes, the felines initiate the games by themselves. As we often have to start our day early, we rarely notice subtle changes in the environment such as a suspicious bulge under the blankets. So you go back and forth in your bedroom to prepare for a new day then suddenly, a tiny paw swipe right at your feet. That would likely startle you for a moment or two which is precisely what your devious cat hopes to achieve.

  • Routine

While the majority of cats behave in certain ways due to specific reasons, some simply act as they see fit. As a result, the answer to the question of "why do cats burrow under blankets?" is surprisingly straightforward on several occasions: they enjoy doing that.  Felines that become assumed to burrowing under the blankets tend to do that in complete disregard of temperatures, times and wishes of their human owners. Practically every breed of cat might take a liking to digging deep beneath the fabrics if the opportunity presents itself.

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Is Oxygen Deprivation An Actual Risk To The Burrowing Cats?

Why Do Cats Burrow Under Blankets

Since cats that burrow under the blankets put lots of fabrics on top them, some people fear that the pets could isolate themselves from oxygen. Fortunately, adult felines shall intuitively get out of the blankets once they experience difficulty breathing.  Moreover, blankets still allow airs to move in and out regularly though no in the same level as open grounds. However, it's strongly recommended that you supervise newborn kittens as they lack the strength to get out once trapped.   

Curbing The Behavior: Proper Methods 

Why Do Cats Burrow Under Blankets

Now you know everything about "why do cats burrow under blankets", let's see how to put an end to it without resorting to punishments. Generally speaking, if you hate to see your furball messing up the blankets, it's widely advised that you lock it out of the bedroom. Most of the time, it's enough to keep the cat from using your bed as its personal playground. Furthermore, it's also wise for you to arrange a couple of objects near the bed in case the feline manages to sneak in unnoticed. That being said, you must pay attention to what happens next to make timely interventions.

Here are some signs that your fluffy friend is not taking your prevention measure well 

  • Excessive Meowing

By cutting off its access to the bedroom, you also remove the most direct way for your pet to come to you which reduce interaction. For most of the time, cats should have no trouble adapting to the sudden change. Nonetheless, if your pet seems to meow excessively for an extended period of time, set up play sessions to compensate. That could enhance the bond between you and your cat but still preserve your blankets.    

  • Constant Hiding

Once it concludes that your bed is out of reach, your cat might perceive a considerable reduction in its security. Therefore, the pet would attempt to tackle its insecurities by hiding all over the place. In order to calm the nerves of your fluffy friend, it's necessary to install vantage points across the house that offer all-around visions.

  • Peeing

Like dogs, cats utilize pee to mark territories so if you find your pet urinating at various spots in the house, it's feeling stressed. Spare a few minutes to play with your feline pal to steadily its stress level.

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