Why does my cat chew on cardboard? Have you ever feel worried when your cats start to chew on cardboard and have you ever come to anger when they mess up the house with scattered pieces of cards? This article explains you the reason and how to stop it.

Why does my cat chew on cardboard? No cat lovers want to feed those cute feline cardboards. It’s kind of funny sometimes when we watch them struggling with cartons and yell at them after the mess but eating cardboard is not good for any stomach. Cats or any feline have their habits of chewing on anything, but we have some solutions to prevent it at some points.

As a person who raises up two cats, I cannot stop wondering why my cats start chewing first cartons and continuing with others. I did not think it’s common for any animals. Then I’m afraid that the cats might swallow those paper.

Those events urge me to study their weird hobbies. What I found out is more than my curiosity, and that’s why I’m sharing my learning to all cat lovers

Why does my cat chew on cardboard?

They might have nothing to do except ruining a box

As I mentioned above, cats have fun with chewing and clawing things. Some cats play with boxes and chew on the paper just because they get bored. No one is poking them, or they are out of interest with old toys.

After having nothing to do with existing stuff and people around, cats will rise with their instinct. Chewing and clawing on cardboard present mimicking their hunting and killing habit.

It’s possible that their teeth get irritated.

Teething happens with my little felines when she’s three months. Her teeth need to chew on something all the time even my clothes. Cartons are always on her eyes because the material is soft and easy to chew.

Cardboard is the ideal material for practicing clawing. It is soft enough but not too hard. People have made some claw towers by rope or wood, but those things cannot be eaten or scratched by teeth. Moreover, people use to leave cartons all over the house, that means cardboard is the easiest to find at any home.

You might feed them not enough food.

Eating and chewing on something may be the signal of hunger. These are the most exotic reason for this symptom, and we should not welcome it. Cats may find chewing fun if they are awaked by instinct and teething when you see them eat or swallow the cardboard, check out the menu immediately. To protect your beloved cats from malnutrition, you have to make sure some points as below:

-    Do you feed your cat on time?

-    Do you feed them enough food with the appropriate amount?

-    Has the cat got any problems with the meals?

-    Do you change the diet frequently to maintain their appetite and nutrition balance?

why does my cat chew on box?

Cats might not happy with what you feed them

Cats are empowering their terrorism.

While dogs and some animals pee on spots to frame their space, cats do the same thing but by their enzyme. Cats might not be interested in territory. They can share the room with, and they will see that they almost care nothing about others until they want to change the atmosphere.

However, chewing leave their enzyme on the box and that’s a way to say to other cats that the toy belongs to only them.

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What’s not good about chewing cardboard?

If the cats just rip cardboards for fun, do not worry much about that because they will stop with touching the teeth, no swallowing. However, the habit happening frequently sounds not good. Sometimes, not all the cartons are in good condition and harmless. The cats can chew on every cardboard they found in the house, despite pesticide or poison boxes. Hence, be careful if you have chewing cats in the house

If the cats eat the cardboard, it’s not a good idea. Cardboards is not the food and eating or chewing them can cause several adverse effects:

-    Cats might live with malnutrition after eating paper. We will barely notice if the swallow what they chew on or not. Until the cat has a health problem, we are alarmed.

-    It’s dangerous when cats try to swallow a massive piece of cardboard. They could get a stroke when you’re not at home.

-    Cats might be allergic, but they have no idea

In additions, when cats scatter pieces of cardboard after chewing on them, your house becomes messy. It’s annoying somehow because you have to clean things out.

What should we do to minimize the case?

Based on reasons why cats favorite chewing on the cardboard, I have some ideas to ease the situations. Nevertheless, you should spend time on detecting why your felines behave such weirdly first.

cat chewing box

What makes “bosses” stop chewing box?

-    To make sure the cats no feed themselves by cardboard, check their food and menu. Let’s change into another brand of food or retreat them by something special. For example, beef?

-    You can treat them with some snacks which are sturdy and chewy enough for cats to have fun with using their teeth in hours. The bites got the taste of food and eatable.

-    You should keep the boxes and cardboard neatly. Do not show off in front of greedy cats

-    If possible, you can spend more time to play with them. Many toys for cats are available in pet shops. Let’s give your cats more time with you.

In sum up, there’s not a big deal if your cats start their new hobby in chewing cardboard boxes. There are plenty of reasons why they chew on the cardboard, and some are out of your control. However, you should pay more attention to their behavior and daily routine if the chewing cardboard threatens their health. Do not try to change their habit, you can never do it, but you can soften the situation. Good luck with your cats! 

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