Notice your furball sucking your blanket every now and then? Then check out this article to resolve the mystery: "why does my cat lick my blanket and purr?"


Why Does My Cat Lick My Blanket And Purr

To a lot of people around the globe, the sight of cats sucking on blankets while purring is ridiculously cute. That being said, if you actually own a blanket sucker, things may be slightly annoying. After a long day, no one wants to find spit-soaked blankets on their bed. Needless to say, the unfortunate owners of blanket-sucking cats have various questions in mind: "why does my cat lick my blanket and purr?", "Is it a sign of health issue?", "How to stop the pet from kneading the blanket?",...


Want to know what motivates your fluffy friend to suck your blankets times and again? If that is your wish, this article is for you. The following information contains everything you must keep in mind about blanket sucking in cats.


A List Of Possible Causes

Why Does My Cat Lick My Blanket And Purr

Sure, the average cats may go completely bonkers once in a while but if it comes to blanket sucking, these issues could be at fault:


  • Early Separation From The Mothers

Generally speaking, if your furball happens to enjoy sucking your blankets, it probably got separated from its mom too soon (earlier than 12 week-of-age). Kittens nurse on their mother to get milk which means they would grow out of the behavior as time passes.  Nonetheless, in the case people give away kittens for adoption before they move from milk to solid food, blanket sucking is among the potential results. Fortunately, if early separation is indeed what makes your cat suck your blanket, the pet shall stop when it matures.


  • Trust In The Pet Owners

When your fluffy friend has total confidence in your ability to take care of it, the feline is going to show its affection by sitting in your lap, headbutting you,... Overall, most cat parents feel happy to see such behaviors but occasionally, troubles show up. Certain cats have a hard time coping with the absence of their owner so they use lingering scents as replacements. That means without you around, your cat may knead your clothes, towels, blankets and others. Through training, you should be able to tell your loving pet to respect your belongings.


  • A Form Of Stress Relief

Like thumb sucking in little children, blanket sucking in cats offers a sense of comfort. To the felines, sucking blankets remind them of the time with their mother and littermates. As all sorts of things could cause cats to become anxious, the pets often have several ways to calm down. Some cats prefer to hide in secluded corners of the house while others turn to blanket sucking to collect themselves. "But why does my cat lick my blanket and purr?" you think. Well, it's highly likely that your blanket just happens to be around so the pets use it.


  • Sudden Changes In The Surrounding

It's common knowledge among cat parents that cats love to stick to usual routines as well as familiar faces. As a result, if the pets ever come to realize that something is different, its behaviors may get rather odd. On the bright side, the felines excel at adapting which means if you give your furball time, it could become accustomed to changes without fail. That being said, if the odd behaviors (including blanket sucking) persist for a long time then it would be wise to re-assess the situation. 


  • The Breed Of The Cat

Experts claim that certain cat breeds such as Siamese tend to have high chances of sucking blankets at their leisure. Though it seems that genetic is a non-factor here, most breeds with long weaning periods are more likely to nurse fabric than other breeds. Therefore, if you see your cat sucking your blanket day after day, you should definitely take its breed into account. If necessary, ask the vets to help you with the identification to speed things up. Cats that enjoy sucking blankets by nature often require a lot of training to stop.

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Blanket Sucking: Is It Dangerous

Why Does My Cat Lick My Blanket And Purr


After learning possible answers to the question of "why does my cat lick my blanket and purr", you would be able to deduce that the behavior is usually not a sign of underlying health issues. However, it's worth noting that blanket-sucking cats have to face a noticeable risk: accidental ingestion of fabric fibers.


As cats suck blankets times and again, fabric fibers shall steadily make their way into the stomach of the pets. In small amounts, the fibers would exit the body of the felines without causing trouble. On the other hand, in the case your furball swallows large amounts of fibers, intestinal blockage is a real threat. Unless the pet receives proper treatments from veterinarians in time, the entire digestive system may die which often prove fatal. Because of that, it's of utmost importance that people don't let blanket-sucking cats to their own devices. 


Putting An End To The Blanket Sucking: Tips And Tricks

Why Does My Cat Lick My Blanket And Purr

Overall, knowing how to answer the question of "why does my cat lick my blanket and purr" is great but stopping the pet from doing so is just as essential. Here are a few suggestions from vets on how to keep cats from sucking blankets.


  • Offer Rewards For Good Behaviors: Cats never learn through punishment, they learn through positive reinforcements. Hence, if you notice your furball sucking your blankets, use its favorite treats in order to bait it toward you. But consistent with the reward and the pet would no longer go after your blankets.


  • Play With the Pet Daily: Most cats that feel bored tend to entertain themselves through various means including blanket sucking. By setting up play sessions every day, you should be able to ensure that your fluffy friend is occupied with you instead of your blankets.


  • Be Patients At All Times: It's obvious that cats do as they please so to get the desired results, you have to remain calm. The felines read emotions well so if you have frustrated expression, your cat may opt to stay away from you.

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