Your furball refuses to sit on your lap? Then check out this article to answer one question that troubles many pet owners: Why won't my cat sit on my lap?


Why Won't My Cat Sit On My Lap


If you own a cat, you would know that one of the greatest joys of having cats to see them curled up in your lap.  After a long day, seeing your fluffy friend settled down on you with complete trust definitely brings much-needed relaxation. Still, life isn't fair: many people that love to have a lap cat somehow become the guardian of a kitty that prefers sitting on burning coals than their thighs. Needless to say, such cats parents tend to wonder to themselves: "Why won't my cat sit on my lap?".  


So you happen to have the same question in mind? If that is the case, this article is for you. Take a close look at the following information to learn why your furball is so distant in addition to methods that may close the gap. 


Characteristics Of The Average Cats

Why Won't My Cat Sit On My Lap


To answer the question of "Why won't my cat sit on my lap", it's essential to firmly grasp the nature of the felines. You must keep one thing in mind at all times: different cats have different personalities. That means pet owners have to treat cats as individuals. 


Through observation, experts in the field notice that friendly cat parents often have friendly kitties. In addition to that, socialization plays a vital role in determining if kittens would grow up to be lap cats. Normally, cats that got regularly exposed to humans, animals and environments during their critical developmental period (Week 8 – Week 15) shall become social pets in most cases. Last but not least, certain breeds such as Ragdoll seem to have a reputation for being lap cats but it varies from cat to cat.


All things considered, your fluffy friend is unique and while it could be somewhat less than affectionate toward you, you are in good company nonetheless.


What Make The Pets Jump Into The Lap Of Humans

Why Won't My Cat Sit On My Lap

Have you ever tried to figure out why felines sit on their owners instead of focusing solely on the question of "Why won't my cat sit on my lap"? Sure, cats do behave erratically every now and then without any apparent reason at all.  That being said, if the felines decide to settle down on humans then they have to be motivated by something.  So here are a couple of factors that may influence the mind of your furball when it comes to you.


  • Warmth

It's common knowledge that cats like to hang around warm places like behind TV screens, on top of laptops, under blankets and so on. Because the lap of people tends to be warm as well, many cats like to get there in order to get some heat on chilly days. Considering the fact that humans maintain constant body temperature, cats often view their owner as an excellent heat source. Of course, if the felines manage to locate a warmer spot in the house, it could choose to go there.


  • Attention

Most cats gravitate toward people they like which makes them do everything to get attention. When the pets eventually conclude that curling up in the lap of humans tends to prove desired reactions, they would repeat it times and again. As people would inadvertently reinforce their cats through petting in such a situation, the felines have a hard time quitting. Because all cats forget practically everything when it comes to foods, they usually like people that feed them every day.


  • Security

Since most people raise cats as indoor pets these kinds of days, the felines don't have to face dangers. However, you have to remember that cats could be startled by all sorts of things: sounds, sights of outdoor animals, ...   Once overwhelmed by fear, cats instinctively run into a place that they feel safe which on occasion happens to be the lap of their owner. In the eyes of pets, humans may be the biggest creatures they have ever seen in their entire life. That is why cats look to cat parents for security.


  • Smell

Cats have a sharp nose so they should be able to pick up scents from a distance without much difficulty. Once the felines got attached to someone, they shall remember the scent of that person. Hence, cats jumping into the lap of humans is a clear sign that indicates the love of the pet for the scent of their owner. Actually, it's also known that cats actively seek out clothes of people they trust as they associate the sent on the fabric with comfort.


  • Feel

Interestingly, cat parents notice that their cats only approach them if they wear specific clothes which is understandable: the majority of cats seem to take a liking to soft textures. Therefore, it's common for cats to sit on the lap of their owners happen to currently wear cushy clothing. Many people use that trait to their advantage while getting cats to sit on them.

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Tips And Tricks To Turn Distant Felines Into lap Cats

Why Won't My Cat Sit On My Lap


After knowing the factors that motivate cats to sit on their owner, it's a breeze to answer the question of "Why won't my cat sit on my lap". In case you want to get closer to your furball, remember the following hints.


  • Avoid Staring All The Times: Of course, you may like to see your cat moving around but you need to refrain from staring at it. The average felines feel extremely uncomfortable when it comes to prolonged eye-to-eye contacts.


  • Always Maintain A Calm Presence: While certain brave cats could technically thrive regardless of the surrounding, others tend to withdraw themselves when things get noisy. Because of that, you need to walk softly and talk gently around your fluffy friend.


  • Bribe The Pets With Toys & Treats: Generally speaking, every cat loves toys and treats which makes handing out treats a great way to attract less than affectionate pets. So stock up the favorite toy & treat of your cat then starts bating it toward you. In case it approaches, give your cat a treat and play with it for awhile. If the pet exceeds your expectations by jumping into your lap, give it another treat.

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