Many cats’ owners have trouble when adopting a new cat: I got a new kitten and my cat hates me. So, let’s see how to solve this problem in the article below.

What to do when I got a new kitten and my cat hates me? How to make old cats familiar with new cats? How to make your cat love you? These are the common questions of people who get a new cat and here we will give you an answer.

Or your cat hates others of its kind? We have things sorted out for that too! 

Make your old cat feel comfortable and happy

It is important that you should not make your cat feel nervous and uncomfortable when you adopt a new kitten. Here are some methods to keep the old cat happy and comfortable.

Do not be hurry to introduce an old cat with the new one.

Many cats’ owners do not realize that their cats sometimes have trouble getting along with a new kitten. That’s why they usually say: I got a new kitten and my cat hates me because they do not understand that cat is an independent animal so that they will feel uncomfortable if they have to share their space with other cats. So that, do not be hurry to introduce your old cat with the new one.

I got a new kitten and my cat hates me

The good method is that you keep the new and the old cat in different rooms for a few days. And then, introduce them gently and slowly. The essential factor is that do not rush.

Create special space

As we said the cat is an independent animal, and they highly want to keep their space. It will be hard if you want the new cat to save their smell in the old one’s place. This will make your old cat nervous, and the result might be poor.

You better prepare a special space where both the new and the old can play. The adult cat will have time to accept the smell of the kitty and accept them as a member of the family also.

Do not pay too much attention to the new kitten

Getting a new kitten does not mean you care about the new kitten and forget the old one. This will make your cat feel lonely, and he/she will think you are ignoring him/her and then he/she hates you and even hates the new kitten also.

You should make sure that you spend your time equally for both the new cat and the old one so that none of them feel lonely. This is the essential key to solve “I got a new kitten and my cat hates me” problem.

Observing the signal

Cats are very upfront about how they are feeling. If you introduce the new kitten to them, you have to be beside them, observe the signal. If the old cat has any negative expression, you have to separate them immediately.

How to make old cats familiar with new cats?

One problem in “I got a new kitten and my cat hates me” is that your old cat is not familiar with the new one, so you have to do some tips:

Prepare utensils

It is a good idea to arrange for the new kitten in a place away from your old cat. You should buy for the new kitten new utensils such as sleeping mat, eating bowls or sand pots, …

If you adopt a newborn kitten, you should use a canine to help both the new kitten and the old adult cat when meeting. Size should be large enough to fit inside. You should make sure the new kitten gets used to the canine first, and the door should be opened to access easily.

Exchange scents

Scent plays an important role whenever two cats communicate. If the new cat has a familiar scent, the old one will accept it easily. After taking the new cat to your home, you should not let him/her go freely. Leave him/her in place for a few days, so that they will get used to the scent.

Support them in the first meet.

Try to choose the center position between the two territories of the cats so that they can return to their territories without feeling pressure.

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How to make your old cat love you when you get a new kitten?

If you do not want to say: I got a new kitten and my cat hates me, you have to have some method to make your old cat believe and love you.

Make sure you feed the cat regularly

This will help the old cat not feel lonely or abandoned

Feed your cat two to three small meals a day instead of having a large meal available all day. That will reinforce the connection between you and the food. If you already have dry cat food, you can still create small meals with wet food this way.

Chat with cats.

Talk to cats often with a calm and scary voice. Your tone and gestures will give your cat a message. Make it so that the message appears friendly.

Removing a cat (or any other animal) will scare him and not trust you. Even if your cat is bad, try not to scold your cat.

Play with cats.

When the cat feels comfortable enough to approach you, you can lure or tie the toy to the rope to lure the cat to play. Cats don't always want to play with you, so take every opportunity to become more attached to cats.


Keep cat and sand pot clean

Cats will be pleased to have a clean coat and habitat. Regularly clean the sand pots for cats so that they do not have to use too dirty sand pots. A dirty sand pot will make cats uncomfortable and unhappy, and cats will react badly to that.

Recognize emotional signs

Everyone knows that moaning is a sign of satisfaction in cats. You may not know, but a slow blink of a cat is also a sign of satisfaction and acceptance.

Please blink slowly to the cat. Many people call this "cat's kiss." Cats may consider it a sign that you are friendly and not dangerous.


In conclusion, it is not too hard to solve the problem “I got a new kitten and my cat hates me.” You have to use some tips and be persistent to get the two cats to get used to it as well as to persevere so that the old cat recognizes your feelings.

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