So your fluffy friend keeps treating your bed as its personal toilet? In that case, learn what to do when your kitten pees on bed through this article.


Kitten Pees On Bed

Virtually every cat parent knows about the foul odor of cat's urine which is why it's essential to make sure that the felines have access to litter boxes. But even if you set up a nice litter box for your furball, it may still opt to take care of its business in other locations such as the bed. Needless to say, it's frustrating to come home after a long day just to see your bed soiled. So why kitten pees on bed instead of the litter box? Is bed peeing a sign of underlying mental/physical issues? What should you do to put an end to it?     


You have a lot of questions without answers in mind? If that is so, this article would come in handy. Check out the following information to understand the causes behind the behavior as well as ways to make it stop.

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A List Of Possible Motives

Kitten Pees On Bed

In layman's term, if your kitten pees on bed, it must have its reason. Most cats don't decide to answer the call of nature right on the bed of their owner for kicks. Consider the possibilities down below while analyzing the overall situation.


  • Underlying Illness

Generally speaking, the average cats run into a variety of health issues through their lifetime which often alters daily behaviors. As a result, if you kitten all of sudden urinate on your bed, you should assume that the pet is suffering from a certain illness. For example, cats with Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) have considerable difficulty reaching the litter box in time to relieve themselves. That means the pets may pee right where they stand. To be safe, take your kitten to the vets for an examination if it starts urinating randomly across the house.


  • Sense Of Safety

It's common knowledge among pet owners that cats love to hang around elevated spots. The pets behave like that out of the fear of being suddenly ambushed by predators. To the felines, it's easier to keep tabs on the surrounding, identify potential threats and devise escape routes if they have the high ground. Though the height of your bed would be modest, your fluffy friend could judge the place safe enough to take care of its business there. In addition, the presence of your scent on the bed makes your kitten feel secure.


  • Litter Box Issues

Overall, kittens may answer the call of nature on the bed because they happen to find the litter box unappealing. Many cats don't like the current type of litter in the box while others think that the box itself leaves them vulnerable to predators. Aside from that, if the number of cats exceeds the number of litter boxes, some set out to find their personal toilet and take a liking to the bed of their owner in the process. Last but not least, quite a few pets refuse to use the litter box as people forget to clean the box every now and then. 


  • Separation Anxiety

Being affectionate pets, cats often form close attachments to animals and humans in the house. Hence, if you must go away for some time and then your kitten pees on bed, the pet is probably feeling anxious over sudden separations. Through the act of urinating on your bed, your furball mingles its scent with yours which lessens its perceived anxiety. While everything should go back to normal once you get back to your fluffy friend, the bed peeing shall resurface if the pet feels abandoned.


  • Deterioration In Relationships Between Pets

Disputes among household cats take place from time to time, some automatically resolve themselves while others require interventions from humans. So when cats lunge toward their brethren for resources, territory and so on, they would change their daily behavior to adapt to the ongoing hostility. In a couple of cases, the felines could resort to peeing on the bed so as to quickly strike/get away in times of need. Your kitten should return to its original litter box and leave your bed alone at the end of the conflict.

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How To Get The Felines To Stop: Tips And Tricks

Kitten Pees On Bed

  • Block Access To The Bedroom: As you leave and enter the bedroom, always keep an eye out for your furball. Assuming that you manage to keep the pet out, you would be able to put an end to the peeing. In case you want to achieve comprehensive protection, invest in cat repellent mats, deterring pheromones, ... By using those, you could make your bed much less attractive as a toilet in the eyes of your kitten. For maximum effect, inform people in the house about the situation so they don't accidentally open the way for the pet to your bed.


  • Make The Litter Box Captivating: Don't have the heart to shut the door right in front of your kitten? Then you must persuade the pet that the litter box is essentially superior to your bed for urination/defecation. You have a lot of options here: go through different types of litter, change the design of the box, place more than one box across the house and so on. Observe the reactions of your fluffy friend to make proper adjustments. If things proceed smoothly, the kitten should learn to head over the litter box if it needs to relieve itself.


  • Set Up Regular Play Session: If your kitten pees on bed due to anxiety, the best remedy would be to spend more time with it. Spare a few moments to play with your furball every day to keep it happy. In case you have a tight schedule, it's a good idea to purchase interactive toys from pet stores. The toys shall allow the pet to entertain itself in your absence which is convenient.


The Top Rule: Be Patient

Kitten Pees On Bed

Yes, it's hard to keep it together when you see your bed soaked with cat's pee but you still have to remain calm. Keep in mind that kittens learn through encouragement, not punishments. Hence, if you let your anger takes over and resort to shouting, beating and so on, the situation only worsens.  

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