No one wants to see cat pees on their favorite shirt. Check out this article and see how to solve the "my cat peed on my clothes right in front me" issue.


My Cat Peed On My Clothes

So you just finished doing a week's worth of laundry when your cat decided to pay you a visit. At first, you thought that all is good, your pet probably wanted to play a bit and seek you out with that purpose in mind. However, what happened next is beyond your wildest expectation: Your adorable cat casually urinates on the clothes of its owner. You promptly turn that fluffy troublemaker away and grudgingly proceed to redo the soiled clothes. But you can't help but ask: "My cat peed on my clothes right in front of me, what has gone wrong with her/him?" Many cat owners around the globe have the same question and it's hard to find a clear-cut answer. 

Really want to stop your cat from treating your clothes as its own personal restroom but don't know how?  In that case, you have come to the right place. This article got everything you should know about the issues of " my cat peed on my clothes right in front me" including causes and solutions. Similar to humans, cats are far from perfect and sometimes, the owners have to firmly correct the behavior of their cat instead of tolerating them. Check out the provided information thoroughly and you would no longer have to deal with cat pee on your clothes. As always, visit the vet if you feel that your cat require urgent medical attention.

What Lead To This Behavior

My Cat Peed On My Clothes Right In Front Of Me

Generally speaking, there are a couple of factors that could motivate ordinary cats to pee on their owner's clothes. Overall, you have to figure out the cause of the "my cat peed on my clothes right in front me" issue before you take action. Imposing incorrect treatments/corrections on your pet could quickly worsen the situation so be thoughtful and don't act rashly. 

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Your Cat Is Suffering From Certain Health Issues (Urinary Tract Infection, Kidney Failures, Urine Blockade,…….)

In the case, you cat behave just fine up until very recently, there is a good chance that the peeing is caused by medical problems. Once cat experience pain while urinating, he/she would often search for a comfortable place to pee and your pile of clothes seems quite soft.  Unfortunately, you would not be able to diagnose and treat cat ailments without expert assistance so you need to drop by the local veterinary clinic. Only move on to other probable causes down below if you are certain that your cat is in good health.

Less Than Ideal Litter Box

Considering the picky nature of cats, it's no surprise that they want their restroom to be up to standard. That means if the litter box contains unacceptable litter, they would resort to using the soft fabric of your clothes.   

In addition to that, cats would not use the litter box if they perceive that the box is too small or possesses off-putting smell. So by keeping the litter box cleaned and filled with suitable litters, your "my cat peed on my clothes right in front me" issue could come to a definite end.   

Marking The Borders Of Territory

As with dogs, cats like to mark their territory using pee, especially the male ones. Once they reach 6 months of age or so, male cats would walk around the house spraying urine in order to claim ownership of specific spaces. In the cat's view, your clothes might look like a great place to hang out every now and then. Luckily, you should be able to take care of such behavior simply by get your cat neutered by a vet. After the operation, the peeing should stop for good as your cat aggressiveness is reduced.

Anxiety (New Environment, New Cat,…)

Just like people, stressful events could influence the action and temper of the average cats. As your pet is suffering from anxiety, it would do many things to combat the accumulated stress including peeing on the clothes of its owner. Strange, eh? But your cat doesn't see its action as intrusive and annoying, it simply feels relief while urinating with its owner scent nearby. In order to make your cat feel relaxed, spend time playing with it and give it a lot of love.

Rough Past (Mean Owners, Mistreatment,…)

Once you have tried out every solution available at your disposal, you probably need to accept the daunting truth that your cat is naturally troublesome. In many cases, cats pee on the clothes of their human caretaker because they could, there is no deeper meaning. Cats that have gone through times tend to act unruly as they feel that it's the way to go. To correct the behaviors of these cats, you have put in serious times and efforts to teach your cat what is acceptable in your house.  Put together daily training sessions and also consult with the vet in order to transform your cat from a fluffy nightmare into an adorable friend.  

Top 5 Most Useful Tips And Tricks Regarding Cat And Pee

Useful Tips And Tricks Regarding Cat And Pee

 Set Up Physical/Mental Obstacles

Store your clothes in rooms that your pet is unable to access without your knowledge.  Use detergents with potent smells on soiled areas to discourage the cat from taking care of its business there again.   

Play With Your Cat Regularly

The more you play with your cat, the more relaxed it gets so you should spare some free time (10 – 15 minutes) every day for your cat. By playing with their owner, cats would expend pent-up energy and feel much better.

 Clamp Down On Visual Stimulations

Cats often pee to mark territory once they feel threatened by other animals and the sights of other cats could trigger it within a heartbeat. Therefore, make sure that your cat is unable to spot any outdoor cats and see if that improve the situation.  

One Box For Once Cat

Cats don't really like to share so if you have more than one cat, keep the number of litter boxes equal to higher than the number of cats.

Consider Using Certain Specialized Medications

It's not a good idea for you to use drugs if your cat is not suffering from serious illness. However, if your cat is overwhelmed with stress, suitable medications could reduce the tension considerably. 

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