Should I leave a light on for my cat? We know why it happens and, in this article, we will explain the reasons as well as help you to solve this issue.

Usually, cats are willing to whatever you give to them without much hesitation. But there are still some cases where cats don't have much of appetite and no interest in specific foods or things. As an owner, it would be a big concern to you when your cat doesn’t show enthusiasm in his/her environment and even walking away from it. We will tell you the reasons behind your cat’s strange behavior and what to do to help his/her healthy and get all nutrition needed as well as the answer for the question: “Should I leave a light on for my cat?”

Should I leave a light on for my cat?

leave a light on for my cat

Making sure your kitten is healthy

First thing first, it is imperative to check your cat's health status and make sure that his/her behavior being fussy with dry food have nothing to do with his/her health condition. If in general your cat has always been a good eater and suddenly lose his/her appetite, this is a warning sign to be noticed immediately. Diseases like cancer, kidney failure, liver failure or infections might lead your cat losing appetite, and you want to detect it as soon as possible.

Your cat refuses to eat food can have something related to dental problems such as broken teeth, gum problems or his/her jaw is weak. With those diseases, they hindered cats from eating crunchy dry food make them hurt when trying to chew food. If they quit eating food continuously for quite a period even you try a lot of things to make it different, it's better to pay a visit to a vet. In such circumstance, you may wonder “Should I leave a light on for my cat?” Some pet owners are afraid of losing their little friend while turning off the lamp.

Your cat suddenly turns its nose with all kind of food? After some time, if your cat has gotten skinnier or develops vomiting or diarrhea, immediately bring his/her to see a veterinarian. After the problems have been detected and treated, your cat’s appetite will eventually return right away.

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Should I leave a light on for my cat?

As far as you may know, cats have incredible night vision, and it is nocturnal if you left them in the darkness. Then, it is entirely unnecessary to remain a small light on to serve your cat. As cats usually have retinas which may pick up all light as well as let them see well at night. In another hand, keeping a light can somehow upset them then, waste the electric.

Cats normally have retinas which may pick up all light 

Should I leave a light on for my cat

How to make your cat have a good sleep?

Provide them a sufficient amount of water

In daily life, you can see that cats love the movement. Something which can move will attract cats a lot and make them more excited. If you want your cat to drink more, you can set up a tap near their bed, but if he or she doesn't like that, you can carry her/him nearly to the sink. They will see how exciting it is when drinking water from a tap.

On the other hand, you can buy her or him a water fountain. The water fountain can keep water running automatically, which help drinking more attractive. Cats absolutely like playing and drinking water from there.

There are several ways to encourage your cat to drink much more water, especially when they are ill or tired. And I think you can take advantage of their hobbies to incentivize them to drink more. By using something that can make water running, I make sure that they will feel more excited about drinking. Hope that you find the answer in this article for the question: How to get a cat to drink water when sick?

Let them try a different kind of food

If you choose dry food, your cat will actively chew. Feeding dry foods will make the cat drink plenty of water, and the cat will divide the food and eat several times instead of eating for a while. This will be good for cats to digest food. However, in some stages of the cat's life, soft foods should be eaten, such as older cats during weaning. There are some types of dry products that can be softened if soaked in water; you can also consider using.

And how about wet foods? Cats are quite picky in eating, and some of them just love to eat wet foods. The visible benefits of wet food, when used for cats, are convenient in the cat's diet. They will eat only once and not have to drink too much water during the meal. The amount of water in the food is so much high then, cats do not feel thirsty. Wet foods are good for cats that are prone to constipation, kidney stones or urinary tract diseases because the amount of water for such a kind of less water - drinker cat is sufficient.

Staying patient and positive

All pets need to be loved, and your cat is no exception. The little kitties may be loving the extra attention they can be given when they don't eat their food, and again this can lead to a bad habit. Keep distance from the area while your cat has meals and give him/her a safe, private place, and most importantly, away from any kind of distractions. Give the cat food for a short setting time and then take away whether finished or not. This will teach your cat how to eat in specific regular time and create the new healthy eating routine. 

Final thought

Changing the habit of eating or sleeping will be a challenging battle for both you and your cat so be patient, watch him/her closely for every sign. With time, self-discipline and consistency this issue will be cure easily. We hope this article provides you with all related information regarding the question: "Should I leave a light on for my cat?”.

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