Why Does My Cat Attack Me And No One Else: In-Depth Analyses From Experts

Your furball suddenly turns into an angry tiger? Find the answer to the question of "why does my cat attack me and no one else" through this article. 

Why Does My Cat Attack Me And No One Else

It's safe to say cats are among the most popular pets these kinds of days with their fluffy coat, playful tricks and affectionate nature. For most of the time, the felines also prove to be quite friendly toward humans. However, reports of cats lunging at certain people in the family for apparently no reason at all emerge on occasions. If you got attacked by your fluffy friend, it's highly likely that you would feel physically and mentally hurt. But in order to curb that behavior, it's necessary that you answer one question: "why does my cat attack me and no one else?"

You are unable to think of anything that may be responsible for the abrupt increases in aggressions of your pet?  If that happens to be the case then take a look at the following information. 

Possible Causes Behind The Aggression

Why Does My Cat Attack Me And No One Else

Sure, our feline pals could behave erratically every now and then but once they turn hostile all of the sudden, something must have triggered them. Here are a couple of prime suspects that you always have to keep in mind. 


  • Fears 

Because of their sharp senses, cats quickly notice possible threats in the surrounding such as sounds, objects, persons, other pets,... Normally, if the felines shall run away if they perceive the threats to be too much for them to handle. Nonetheless, in the case the pets fail to identify viable escape paths, aggressive behaviors should show up motivated by fears. Common signs include hissing, spitting, swatting, scratching, growling and alike. When you see your furball in that state, it's strongly recommended that you leave the room for a bit. 

  • Territories 

While modern-day cats manage to ditch various wild instincts through domestication, they still retain certain features of predators including the tendency to protect territory.  Both sexes of the felines defend territories that they feel belong to them though male cats tend to have larger territories compared to females ones. Normally, the average cats show territorial aggressions toward other cats. However, depending on the circumstance, the pets may treat humans in the house as intruders as well which make them chase, stalk and pounce people.     

  • Play 

Why does my cat attack me and no one else? Well, it's probably because your fluffy friend just wants to play, albeit slightly roughly, with you and you alone. Actually, rough plays happen all the times between kittens so it's possible your pet think you like that too. It's fun for you to see your cat nibbling at your hands when it's young but as it ages, things might get painful. Fortunately, cats that exhibit play aggressions have no ill intents. That means it would just take some trainings to make the pet stop treating your hands as it chew toys. 

  • Pets 

The majority of cats love to be petted by humans but only to certain extents.  When the felines feel that the petting is getting out of hand, they usually send out warnings by biting, nibbling,... the person that pets them. In most of the cases, well-behaved cats shall attempt to warn people in a rather gentle way so their attacks rarely leave painful wounds. That being said, if you detect petting-induced aggressions in your pet, it's widely advised that you let it go before the situation escalates.     

  • Redirects 

Among all the answers to the question of "why does my cat attack me and no one else", redirected aggressions give people the most trouble. To put it plainly, if cats become agitated by someone or some animal but fail to reach the agitator, they are going to lash out. Since aggressions of the type could take place long after the initial triggers have left the scene, it often seems like the pets just flip. That is why it's essential for cat parents to refrain from approaching cats that look frustrated to avoid injuries. 

The Dangers Of Cat Bites

Why Does My Cat Attack Me And No One Else

Although domesticated felines lack the ability to kill humans outright, cat bites may prove fatal if you treat them lightly.  That sharpness of cat teeth ensures that bites from your furball leave deep punctured wounds. In addition to that, the pets don't brush their teeth which means the bites would introduce large amounts of bacteria straight into our body. Hence, it's necessary to sterilize wounds caused by cat bites as soon as possible. If symptoms like redness, swelling, pain,... emerge then it's wise to seek medical assistance 

Note: In the case you recently adopt your cat from the street, you also have to be mindful of rabies. While most pet owners tend to associate the viral disease with dogs, cats carry rabies as well, especially feral ones. So it's a good idea to play it safe by visiting the hospitals if your fluffy friend bites you. 

How To Calm The Pet

Why Does My Cat Attack Me And No One Else

Generally speaking, finding the answer to the question of "why does my cat attack me and no one else" is obviously critical but calming the pet is just as important. Though different issues require different treatments, everyone agrees that there are several rules you have to remember at all times. 

  • Consult the vets if necessary  

It's totally fine to call in professionals in the case you feel that the situation is out of control. Depending on the specific cases, the vets would offer medications, diet suggestions and so on to steadily lessen the aggression of the pets over times.  

  • Don't lose your patient 

Yes, it's painful to see you fluffy friend attack you, both literally and figuratively. Nonetheless, it's of utmost importance that you act rationally. Regardless of what happens, people need to avoid punishing the pets as that shall leave negative impressions which strains the relationship between humans and pets.   

  • Be mindful of suspicious signs 

Aside from easing the aggression of the felines, you also have to make sure that you protect yourselves as well. Don't forcibly correct the behavior of your furball if it's in an aggressive stance since that may lead to injuries to both parties

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