Your cat is acting aggressively toward you? Then check out this article to find out the answer to the question of "why does my cat bite me for no reason".


Why Does My Cat Bite Me For No Reason

Up until now, your fluffy friend is quite fond of and you always remember to spare some time in order to play with her/him. However, one day, your cat all of the sudden gives you a nasty bite then proceed to run away leaving its stunned human owner behind. "Why does my cat bite me for no reason?" is likely the question you have in mind at that moment. Although a bit of nipping is acceptable when it comes to petting, a deliberate bite is not a good sign. Unless you manage to solve the biting issue soon, the relationship between you and your cat shall experience considerable strains.

Unable to comprehend the drastic reaction of your once-friendly pet and also don't know how to address it? In that case, you have come to the right place. In this article, you would be introduced to a number of reasons that cause your pet to bite and ways to take care of them. Since cats could not express their inner feeling through words, they tend to resort to biting from time to time. Fortunately, as long as you pay close attention and handle the issue wisely, the situation should improve in no time. So take a good look at the following information and answer the question of "why does my cat bite me for no reason: by yourselves.

Important Note: Despite centuries of domestication, the teeth of the average cats remain very sharp. As a result, cat bites easily cause puncture wounds and infection is a constant threat. Remember that even when you take good care of your pet hygiene, the mouth of a cat is still home to a lot of bacteria. So first aid treatment is of utmost importance in the aftermath of cat bite incidents. If you fail to apply proper treatment in time, serious complications caused by bacterial infection could develop such as encephalopathy, vision loss and so on. In the worst scenarios, cat bites might lead to rabies along with potentially fatal consequences. 

What Make My Cat To Get So Hostile: Chief Culprits

My Cat Bite Me For No Reason

Different cats have different tendencies and so there is no uniform answer to the question of "why does my cat bite me for no reason". Right here are a couple of possible explanations that you need to keep in mind while assessing the biting issue.  

  • Leftover Habit From Kitten Days

Young cats gently bite and scratch each other as parts of their interactions until they reach roughly 4 months of age. Kittens that spend their childhood around other kittens would likely drop the biting habit much earlier as they have first-hand experiences that biting hurt. Nonetheless, if your cat grows up on its own, there is a chance that it carries biting habit into adulthood. Guess who is the prime target for its "affection"? You. Back in the old day, the fact that your adorable kitten keeps nipping your fingers is no cause for concern. But once that kitten becomes an adult, its bites often lead to swelling and bleeding.

  • A Response To Fear/Discomfort

Cats act according to their ever-changing mood so if a cat bites its owner out of the blue, he/she is not feeling great. Again, cats could not simply tell you that you are irritating them or make them feel scared so they just bite you as a warning. Families that have children tend to run into multiple cat bite incidents because the kids poke the pet with a stick over and over again. Once the cats get too annoyed, it should lash out at every human in the vicinity even if you have never done it any harm.  

  • Lacks Of Much Needed Necessities

As with humans, cats require foods, waters, and some attention. Hence, when your pet expects that its feeding bowl would be refilled at a specific time, it quickly gets anxious if you forget about that. At first, he/she is going to meow continuously to remind you regarding the necessities. In the case that also fails to get your attention, your pet could take it up a notch and casually proceed to bite your hand. Among the answers to the question of "why does my cat bite me for no reason", this one is easily misunderstood for temper related troubles.

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How To Do Away With The Biting: Tips And Tricks

Why Does My Cat Bite Me For No Reason

  • Don't Turn Your Own Bare Hands Into Tempting Targets

Use toys, poles along with feathers while playing with your cat in order to protect your hands from potential injuries. In any case, don't ever dangle your hands above the pet since it would see your hand as targets. If your cat perceives that you are encouraging it to just pound at your hand, cat bites are inevitable results.

  • Promptly Satisfy The Cat Demands

Needless to say, cats rely on humans for a lot of tasks and biting happens to be one of the ways to express their requirements. Therefore, if you are able to figure what your cat wants and satisfy it in time, the biting should subside. From now on, the cat would resort to meowing and rubbing when they want you to do something for them. 

  • Beware Of Signs Of Aggression

Cats get into the mood of aggression every now and then so in order to avoid conflicts/injuries, don't bother them in those times. In the case, you must venture near your cat when it got aggression mood, try to avoid direct eye contact.

  • Always Hand Out Appropriate Punishments

No matter what, refrain from screaming and hitting your pet as you only make your pet to feel more stressed.

Instead, give the cat a "time-out" session by placing it in an isolated room of the house with sufficient amounts of foods and water. As time passes by, the cat should understand that biting the owner's hand doesn't lead to anything good.  

  • Get Your Cat A Friend

Lonely cats often have pent-up energy which they might expand on overly aggressive behaviors. As a result, the frequency of biting incidents should reduce significantly if your cat got a friend to play with it. Of course, bring another cat into the house possesses its own set of problems but the long-term benefits more or less justify the risk. 

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