No need to keep wondering “why does my cat knead me but not my husband” anymore. The thing definitely shows that cats love me.

As for cats, kneading is an unconditional reflex. You can observe this action right after the cats come to the world or before its eyes opening. When being kittens, they tend to knead a lot on the body of their mothers to get the milk. Here can be an act of feeding with the purpose of survival. They grow day by day and the kneading continues that lead to long-lasting studies of cat behavior experts.

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There is a wide range of reasons guessed. Many people think about comfort while some discuss the scent. Cats do the kneading because they find it freaking comfortable. On the other hand, cats are a kind of animal which leaves their scent in places they are as the territorial marking. A bunch of quick guesses is on. So, it is time to get detailed and find a key to the question of why does my cat knead me but not my husband or even someone else.

An answer to why does my cat knead me but not my husband

Searching for the topic of cat kneading, you may be a new or experienced cat owner. Then, such story is on the discussion on pet forums for years. Each pet parent has different thoughts and predictions. Followings are some theories I pick from these places about the reason why cats love to knead someone but the others.

Kneading those who cats are well-close to

You think cats knead for what. It could be a comfortable feeling, true happiness, safety, calm moment. In general, their kneading comes from the need of positive emotions. If your cat chooses to knead you, it means then that feline friend is more bonded to you than anyone in the house.

Kneading people helping them daily activities

It is not natural for cats to be close and knead you but other members of your family. Another prediction is on. The connection is likely the result of cat daily activities. You are the one who feeds them every day. You play with them whenever you are at home. You groom cat hairs after they are shower. And you make them clean regularly. Then, you and your cats are more connected. Hence, you become the best choice to knead.

Kneading the one kittens think of cat mothers

As mentioned above, cats knead their mothers for feeding when they are kittens. They get used to the warm feeling. Then, they grow and you do the role to take care of them, feed them, cuddle them. The care repeats day after day and cats will think that you are their mothers. Undoubtedly, they start kneading you as they do with their mothers.

Kneading persons not ignoring them

In fact, the cat kneading irritates people sometimes. Surely, cats can feel it and they do not prefer kneading those who move under their connected action. In some cases, you do not understand why cats never knead specific individuals who still take care of them daily. Maybe, they feed the cat or shower him/ her but they feel annoyed with the cat kneading. Once of ignorance is enough for the cat to never knead that person again.

Kneading who they love to nap on

Catnapping and kneading, it is a tight link between them. Why are these two feline behaviors? Before falling into a slumber, most of the cats tend to knead. Many of them knead on soft surfaces such as blankets and carpets, then taking a snooze.

For instance, in the wild, cats will do the knead right on the spot where they are going to nap on. They knead with the purpose of making such a place more comfortable. The thing is the same as it is in your house. If the cat wants to nap on your lap, for example, it will knead you first.

Kneading due to what you wear

Do you think about clothes which are the reason for the cat knead? Why does my cat knead me but not my husband? It is definitely my wearing.

Cozy wool sweaters or shirts made of fluffy fabric are your favorite clothing. So, you will see why you are the kneading choice of your cats, not anyone else. Your clothes make it comfortable for cats to relax and take a nap. If having serious observation and realizing that the cat only kneads you when wearing specific clothes, this guess is right.

Kneading on the favorite person

Easy thinking that cats knead me, sometimes, not because of my care, not by my clothes and not their habits. It may be that I am their favorite person. They love me but other people. They are likely to choose one, two or some individuals they like to knead on.

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What to do when cats knead you?

It is not the comfortable feeling all the time the cat kneads. In contrast, he/she is undergoing health problems. Some feline friends keep doing sharp claw razors into the skin. At that time, they are probably uncomfortable or painful.

For these conditions, it is not good for you to yell or have negative actions with pets. The most important thing to do is that you had better make sure your cats are fine with its kneading. Unless the knead does bring cats the comfort and cats go weirdly, let’s take them to see vets immediately. Then, the vet will have a whole check for these little friends.

Actually, it is not necessary to reach an answer to the question “why does my cat knead me but not my husband at all”. Instead, it is a need to take care of little cats as carefully as we can so that they are always healthy and cute. And do not forget to observe their kneading to make sure they are ok with the kneading.

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