So your furball seems to be in a constant state of panic lately? Read this article to answer the question of why is my cat scared all of a sudden.


Why Is My Cat Scared All Of A Sudden

Overall, it's the nature of the felines to run away in the face of dangers which is what keeps them alive in the wild. Domesticated cats still retain that particular trait and in most cases, it causes no concerns. That being said, if the pets become skittish and nervous out of the blue then there may be some troubles. As different cats have different issues, there are a lot of answers to the question of "why is my cat scared all of a sudden". Without knowing the trigger, it's pretty tough for people to calm the frightened pets.

Your cat got oddly jumpy these kinds of days too? Then it's strongly recommended that you take a close look at the following information. Down below, you should be able to find the proper approaches to your terrified furball.

Symptom Of Terror Stricken Cats

Why Is My Cat Scared All Of A Sudden

Generally speaking, people come up with the term scaredy-cat for a reason: Virtually everything could startle our fluffy friends. Usually, the pets would settle down by themselves within a few moments but if you ever notice these behaviors then something must have gone wrong.


  • Around-the-clock running, hiding,...
  • Repeatedly defecate at random sports
  • Non-stop hissing, biting, scratching,...


Once you manage to conclude that your cat is currently in panic mode, refrain from making abrupt movements toward it. Instead, proceed to leave the room so as to give the poor pet some space. In the meantime, you have to think of all the possible reasons that cause your furball to behave like that. Usually, the correct answer to the question why is my cat scared all of a sudden lies right near you.   

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A List Of Prime Suspects

Why Is My Cat Scared All Of A Sudden

Despite the fact that cats behave eccentrically from time to time without reasons, they nonetheless like to stick to familiar routines and well-acquainted environments. As a result, when the pets detect changes in their world, they may withdraw themselves to cope with the developments. Here are a couple of scenarios that could fill the felines with fear of uncertainty. Assess everything in order to determine just what is giving your cat a hard time. It's worth noting that on occasions, there might be more than one thing that throws cats into a frenzy.


  • Feeling Unwell For Some Times

In the wild, the majority of predators often prioritize prey that exhibits signs of illness. Our feline pals also know that rule which makes them go into hiding if they think that they are sick. In most of the cases, cats would stay hidden until they feel better or die. Therefore, cat parents that ask themselves "why is my cat scared all of a sudden" must initially assume the pets are suffering from health issues. A trip to the vets is mandatory to make sure that the pets remain healthy.   


  • Arriving At Brand New Homes

In the eyes of the average cats, the idea of being forcibly taken to a strange place is indeed frightening. It's quite understandable actually: in new homes, the felines simply don't how to locate meals, places to hide,... Hence, the pets shall attempt to avoid contact until they get to know the surrounding. So it's widely advised that you confine your cat to a room first but put in there the necessities such as foods, waters, toys,... After you decide that the pet is adjusting well, let it roam through the house.    


  • Unannounced Appearances Of Unfamiliar Pets

Technically, introducing unacquainted cats to each other often involves a lot of times and efforts. Things may get even harder if your pet perceives the newcomer to be a competitor that could steal its position. Naturally, cats resort to hiding in order to observe the threats before making a move. That is why it's strongly recommended that pet owners keep watch over the interaction between cats just in case. Still, avoid intervening directly unless it's required as the felines have to come to terms on their own accord.   


  • Way Too Many Humans Around

Of course, people love to pet cats but it's of utmost importance to give the felines some breathing room. Though several pets would be bold enough to approach humans without reservation, some don't like people staring at them. If your cat happens to the one that is shy of strangers, it's going to hide as soon as someone rings the door belt. As it's near impossible to change the psychology of cats, you must understand what your pet like/hate to give it an enjoyable life. Don't aggressively push the pets to change since that might stress them out further.


  • Negative Impressions In The Past

Cats don't learn through punishments, they learn through encouragements. That means if you scream at your furball, beat it, throw something at it,'s obvious that the pet shall come to fear you. Even in the case you act spontaneously without ill intents, the pet automatically associates you with less than comfortable memories. As a result, it's wise to be patient around cats regardless of what happens. Most cats never thrive in houses that make them feel scared so be mindful of your behaviors at all times.        


How To Calm Terrified Cats

Why Is My Cat Scared All Of A Sudden

Once you grasp the answer to the question of "why is my cat scared all of a sudden", it's a breeze to devise solutions. For most of the time, people could soothe cats by using one of these methods.  


  • Always Remember To Stay Calm: It's hard but you have to keep yourself together first if you want your fluffy friend to calm down. Cats excel at reading facial expression so if they notice tension, they would be unnerved.


  • Hand Out Treats And Foods: Usual cats tend to forget practically everything, including what scares them, when they catch the attractive scent of something delicious. As a result, handing out snacks truly work miracles at setting down terror-stricken pets.


  • Put Together Some Play Sessions: Considering the playful nature of cats, playing around with humans should improve their mood significantly. Aside from calming the pets, play sessions also deepen the bond between owners and pets.

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