This topic is about 4health grain free cat food which will provide your pets with an appropriate amount of nutrition. Let’s check them out!

As you may know, 4health grain free cat food is a brand belonging to the Tractor Supply Company. For more details, this American company offers products for a lot of sectors such as agriculture, livestock or garden maintenance. And one of these fields is pet care.

It is undeniable that cat products of this company are quite good about quality. And today, we will show you some best-selling products that you can consider carefully.

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General review

You always want your pets to have a premium and rich-nutrient food. Also, it can provide pets' bodies with what they need as well as flavors they like.

Understanding this, Tractor Supply Company has made products that prioritize meat as the first ingredient. In addition, 4health cat food balances vitamins, omega fatty acids, and minerals.

You cannot find any corn, soy or wheat in their products. With a reasonable price, you have nutritious, flavor-filled ingredients in your hand.

In term of pet care, the Tractor Supply Company divides their pet food into two main types: dry and wet. However, the dry cat food has fewer scores than the wet one owing to its natural ingredient composition.

Therefore, we will give you separate ratings for dry and wet food so that you can get a more specific understanding of this brand.

The rating scale is based on two main criteria: the composition of the product and the nutritional information published on the product’s package.

In term of product composition, to evaluate pet foods, people assign each product value from low to high. If the ingredients of those products contain quality proteins and the limited amount of cheap fillers, they will receive high ratings.

Regarding nutrients analysis, the more proteins and the fewer carbohydrates the products contain, the higher ratings they will be rewarded. And the grading method is the same as the first criterion.

Finally, the ingredient and nutrition ratings are plus together to create a general score ranging from 1 - 10 for the evaluated product.

Dry food

Of all 17 products, there are only six dry foods. They reach an average score of 5.7/10. Compared to the other pet dry food manufacturers, this is a moderate level.

Wet food

Compared to the point of dry food, wet food scores 5.6 / 10. However, this is also considered a moderate position.

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The three favorite products

When evaluating food for the pet, people will pay attention to the first five ingredients as they account for the significant bulk of products. They also will show you a lot about the product quality.

Here are the five grain free foods for cats having the highest ratings.

1. 4health Grain Free Indoor Cat Formula for Adult Cats

Do you keep your cat stay all day indoors? Do you think it still needs some necessary nutrients in spite of being safe and clean in the house?

Absolutely yes! And 4health Cat Indoor Chicken Formula will help you to do that. This is a dry food type which can supply your cats a balanced diet, but the price is still reasonable.

With the major ingredient is chicken, it will meet the basic needs of any indoor cats. Also, it consists of omega fatty acids and antioxidants that are good for cat's skin.

4health grain free cat food

First 5 ingredients:

  • Chicken – Skin, bone, and meat.
  • Chicken broth - This broth is made from chicken.
  • Liver - This is the organ full of nutrients.
  • Dried egg - Eggs are removed moisture.
  • Brewers Rice–The milled fragments of processed rice.

Overall, 4health Grain Free Indoor Cat Formula for Adult Cats is average cat food, earning 7 out of 10 paws based on its nutritional analysis and ingredient list.

2. 4Health Grain Free Whitefish, Pea & Potato With Real Turkey

4Health Grain Free Whitefish, Pea & Potato With Real Turkey include whitefish which is a quality protein source. It is also added turkey as an additional protein.

4Health Grain Free Whitefish, Pea & Potato With Real Turkey

Precaution: Cats which are allergic to eggs or seafood need to take caution as there are the fish meal, whitefish, and egg-related products.

First 5 ingredients:

  • Whitefish – This kind of fish has less fat than the other.
  • Fish Meal - A high protein source, but need to care about mercury levels.
  • Dried Ground Peas – One of the grain-less carbohydrate source
  • Chicken Fat - Provide Omega-6 fatty acids, really effective to entice the cat to eat.
  • Turkey Meal - Meat, turkey bone, and skin meat.

Overall, 4Health Grain Free Whitefish, Pea & Potato With Real Turkey is average cat food, earning 6 out of a possible 10 based on its nutritional analysis and ingredient list.

3. 4health Grain-Free Shredded Chicken DinnerIn Gravy

Despite not being the first listed product, 4Health Grain Free Shredded Chicken Dinner In Gravy still contains a lot of top ingredients such as chicken or chicken liver. All of them are high-quality protein sources.

Especially, 4health Grain-Free Shredded Chicken Dinner in Gravy is a wet food for the cat. Knowing that chicken is nutritious, this product uses this meat as the main ingredient.

The high-quality protein source will help your cat the body to grow hair as well as maintain its smooth skin.

4health Grain-Free Shredded Chicken Dinner

First 5 ingredients

  • Chicken Broth- This broth is made from chicken.
  • Chicken – Meat, skin, and bone of chicken.
  • Chicken Liver– Although it has many nutrients, toxicity is still likely to happen. Therefore intake has to be monitored.
  • Dried Egg
  • Potato Starch– It is a carbohydrate substitute that is not necessary for cats to have in the diet.

Overall, 4health Grain-Free Shredded Chicken Dinner is average cat food, earning 5 out of a possible 10 based on its nutritional analysis and ingredient list.

It’s time to say goodbye

These are the three 4health grain free cat food that we want to introduce you in this article.

Please note that a product having a high score does not mean that it is a guarantee. Likewise, a low score does not signify an inferior product.

All that you need to do is choosing the food that can meet your cat's needs!

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