"My cat won't let me sleep" is a common trouble for cat owners. Check out this article to see how to solve it for good.


My Cat Won't Let Me Sleep

Most cat owners love to play with their cats whenever it's possible throughout the day but virtually every human need to go to sleep. Unfortunately, our pets tend to ignore that and decide to continue the playtime well into the middle of the night. Needless to say, being woken up from deep sleep is not what people want after a tired day at work. That is why a lot of cat owners consider "my cat won't let me sleep" as among the most annoying problems while raising cats. If such a problem is not properly solved in time, sleep deprivation could cause serious damages to the physical/mental health of the cat caretakers.


Getting desperate for a solution to the "my cat won't let me sleep" trouble? In that case, you have come to the right place. Through this article, you could learn why your cat refuses to let you sleep peacefully and how to keep his/her from waking you up. With the right knowledge and proper execution, you should be able to get some solid shut-eye in no time. Tips and tricks regarding the training of your cat are also provided to help you modify the behavior of your cat in a positive way. Put the information you acquire here into practice and you would no longer experience headache when dealing with your cat.

Why Your Cat Behave Like That: An In-Depth Analysis

Why doesn't your Cat let you sleep

"Of all the times in a day, why my cat just have to cuddle with me in my sleeping time?", a lot of people have the same question in mind. Generally speaking, cats are originally nocturnal animals which mean they become active during the night. The process of domestication managed to change the cat activity pattern and they mostly turn diurnal (active during the day). That being said, domestic cats still wake up several times in a night and some of them decide to check up on their human owners. Luckily, with training, you could teach your cat to leave you alone at those moments.


Aside from natural instincts, ordinary cats could visit your bed simply because they enjoy your company, especially the young ones. Pets that are under 1 year of age like to hang around where they feel secure and the owner bed seems to be an excellent spot. As the cats get familiar with the surrounding environment, the situation should improve without requiring any action from the owners. However, if you simply could not handle your over-energetic kittens, a bit of personal space training would be enough. 


In the case your cat restlessly meowing/crying all of the sudden, there is a good chance that the culprit is an underlying medical problem. As the pet suffers from pain or discomforts, they often attempt to notify their owners through various actions and manners. So if your cat keeps invading your bedtimes and again when his/her behaves perfectly normal before, your first assumption should be medicals issues. Only move to other probable causes once you are absolutely certain that your cat is free of disease and alike.  

Tackling The "My Cat Won't Let Me Sleep" Problem

My cat won't let me sleep

Overall, it should not take too much time and effort to properly get rid of the problem of "my cat won't let me sleep". Follow the instruction below and you could regain your good night sleep with relative ease. 

Invest Times In Interactive Sessions

Similar to human, the more tired a cat is, the higher the chance his/her would sleep straight to morning. As a result, you should attempt to tire out your cat through some interactive sessions in the evening before bedtime. For most of the time, this is all you need to do in order to solve the "my cat won't let me sleep" problem.

Give Your Cat Big Meals

The average cats prefer to sleep after consuming a big meal so you could adjust the feeding time so it falls before your sleeping time. As always, take some time to think about the meal size carefully so you don't accidentally overfeed your cat. In the case that it doesn't work, purchase an automatic feeder so your cat gets its food without waking you up in the process.

Buy Dangle And Wiggle Toys

Movable toys that mimic mice and bird should attract the attention of most cats which mean your pet may cease harassing his/her human caretaker. Such toys are available at a lot of pet store and with some luck, your cat would switch the focus from you to the toys.

Keep The Cats Away Entirely

Occasionally, people have to admit that their cat just happens to be too playful and shut his/her out for good is the only solution. So you shut the bedroom door and lock it up but then your cat decides to scratch the door surfaces? Well, you could set up something in front of the door to discourage your cat from doing that like vinyl carpet, sticky tape, Scat Mat,… Moreover, it doesn't take much to startle a cat. The next time your cat starts meowing outside of your bedroom, grab a hair blower, stand next to the door and turn the appliance on.

Get Your Cat A Playmate

In the case you hate to see your cat meowing at the bedroom door but also feel sorry for it, how about getting another cat? With a friend around, your cat could play and exercise while you are sleeping soundly. That is a "risk it for the biscuit" method though as instead of 1, you might have up to 2 cats meowing at the bedroom door now.

What You Must Never Do

My Cat Won't Let Me Sleep: What's Going On

With the exception of medical problems, you should not play, feed or amuse your cat in any way if his/her disturb you at night. The moment you start interacting with your cat, the cat mind would assume that it's totally fine to keep doing these unruly bed invasions. So be firm and pull the blanket over your head.

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